San Diego Road Trip Final Route

Just for fun I put together a map of the route I took to San Diego and back on my roadtrip in my Viper. It was long (over 3100 miles!) and gas was expensive ($851.02, 16.3 miles per gallon) but it was 110% worth it. Thanks again to Stephane and Evan for riding shotgun with me on the way down and the way back, respectively. I had a great time!

5 thoughts on “San Diego Road Trip Final Route

  1. Hi Alex, very interesting to see your road trip details. I picked up my 2008 Viper with the intention of driving across Canada, which I did in 2010. Took about 3.5 days from Ottawa to Vancouver Island on the Trans-Canada Highway, then I headed down I-5 to San Francisco for my cousin’s wedding before heading further south to visit family in LA.

    Fuel cost in 2010 was $542.26 for a distance of 4642 km (one-way), best fuel mileage was between Thunder Bay, ON and Ignace, ON where I obtained 9.31 l/100 km or 25.26 mpg.

    It was a blast and I may want to do it again 🙂

    • 25 MPG is amazing! I’ve gotten low 20’s on the freeway before cruising along in 6th but the route shown above was entirely highways, i.e. 101 and then 1 on the coast all the way down so I was in 4th or 5th most of the time doing ~55 MPH, hence the poor MPG.

      I agree that it was quite fun though! I plan on doing someone similar again in 2015 maybe. I just wish I had cruise control! 🙁

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