Battery Life

The battery life on my new Sony Vaio Pro 13 ultrabook is pretty damn good:

Battery Life

Okay, to be fair that was with the extra battery attached to the bottom of it which doubles the battery life as well as the screen turned down all the way and the laptop sitting idle for about 15 minutes. I also suspect its estimate may be a bit off but I fully expect to get over 10 hours of battery life with more normal usage. Still, as I’m writing this with the brightness up all the way, the battery is still at 100%.

I love it.

UPDATE: Okay, this is getting silly. Maybe Windows 8.1 preview just can’t accurately read my battery levels?

More Battery Life

UPDATE #2: Okay, the second battery finally dropped to 99% after having the brightness on full and surfing the web for a while. The time left estimate seems a lot more realistic now. 🙂

Proper Battery Life

7 thoughts on “Battery Life

    • When using it on a desk, not much. When you open it, the screen props up the whole laptop to give it an angle, like this. The extra battery slips under that gap and only raises it slightly more. When you’re working away on it, the difference is minimal.

      When transporting it though, it does add some extra weight. Total weight goes from 2.3 lbs up to 3.something. It’s also slightly bulky.

      Thankfully it’s easily removable for cases where I only need 5-6 hours of battery life and portability is important.

    • I’ve only had it for a day or two but 10 hours or so should be pretty normal/average I suspect.

      As for after a year, I can tell it to only charge to 80% if I want to really maintain the maximum life of the battery. Considering the battery life I get, I might just do that.

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