My Next Chapter At Automattic: VaultPress

When I first joined Automattic, I was a member of the VIP Team which is in charge of helping our enterprise clients host their large websites on our platform. After doing that for three and a half years, I got a bit burned out and was given the opportunity to switch to our Janitorial team. Janitorial is the name of the team that handles all of our internal tools and other things that slip between the cracks at Automattic.

Now it’s once again time for something else. As of tomorrow, I’ll be joining the VaultPress team who are in charge of our backup and security product for self-hosted installs. I will be helping both with development as well as any technical issues that arise from our support requests. It should be quite interesting and exciting — I’m looking forward to it!

4 thoughts on “My Next Chapter At Automattic: VaultPress

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  2. I used VaultPress once on one of my blogs and I was surprised at how useful it was! I couldn’t continue as I couldn’t afford it anymore, though.

    Best of luck! 🙂

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