Cancer Remission And Temporarily Out Of The Hospital

Apologies for the delay since my last post. I know many of you have been asking me for an update.

The biggest news is that I’m now in remission! That means that the latest bone marrow biopsy I had detected no traces leukemia. It doesn’t mean that I’m completely cancer free however and I need to keep receiving chemotherapy treatments every few weeks in order to prevent it from coming back. More on that in a moment however.

The other big news is that after 45 days in the hospital, I was finally able to check out on December 3rd (yes, I’ve been slacking on writing this post). I’ve been staying with my mom because my long hospital stay took it’s toll on me in the form of losing about 30 pounds, including a lot of muscle mass. Even simple things like going up stairs requires extra effort and my townhouse has over 30 stairs. I’m also not confident I can drive quite yet so it’s just easier to be staying with family for the time being, especially with all of the snow we’ve been getting here in Portland lately.

Unfortunately in less happy news, my leave from the hospital is temporary. Tomorrow I check back in for 5 days for the additional chemotherapy that I mentioned earlier, something that I have to repeat every 2-3 weeks. Hopefully it won’t leave me feeling too bad.

Additionally in a few months I will need to be at another local hospital for about 30 days in order to receive a bone marrow transplant. This will be a major event due to the chance of rejection and other potential complications. Thankfully that’s a ways off however.

So while a big milestone is behind me, the road ahead of me is still long and challenging. Fuck cancer.

5 thoughts on “Cancer Remission And Temporarily Out Of The Hospital

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  2. Hi Alex! Congratulations on your recovery. They say AIDS but Cancer is more widespread and with so many different varieties, it is a challenge for every person.

    It is best to prevent, rest and not make much of people talking about different types of cancer and cases. The best medicine, is to have good courage and try to get ahead, with support and motivation.

    My father had prostate cancer last years (the least hard), but they were 2 years long and you have to keep up, that’s the best medicine.

    Greetings and take rest what you need, your health comes first.

    Happy new year and prosperous 2017! 🙂

    Pd .: I knew you by plugin ‘SyntaxHighlighter Evolved’.

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