Painful Headaches Thanks To Meningitis

Unfortunately my bad luck and health complications continue. Last week was a roller coaster of events.

My ommaya reservoir, used to access my spinal fluid for samples and chemo, clogged because of frequent use and it being installed ever so slightly in the wrong place. So on Monday, they opened my scalp back up and replaced it with a fresh reservoir. Everything went perfectly fine, or so I thought, and I went home Tuesday morning after an overnight observation stay at the hospital.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up with an absolutely horrible headache. I took some strong prescription pain killers but they didn’t help and the throbbing headache got worse. Eventually it got unbearably bad and I begged to be taken to the ER. I was the worst headache I’ve ever had and probably a 9 or 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. At the hospital I was able to get some IV pain medication which is stronger and faster acting and that helped quite a bit.

They determined my headaches were being caused by meningitis which in turn was caused by a bacterial infection in my brain, almost certainly a complication of the surgery. To make treatment easier and more effective, they decided to remove the reservoir that they had just put in only a few days before. Treatment of the infection with IV antibiotics eventually cut down and stopped the headaches, but I have to continue the antibiotics at home for about another week.

It seems the complications and issues never stop for me, but unlike the vision issues, at least this one wasn’t anything permanent.

Can I be done now please?

12 thoughts on “Painful Headaches Thanks To Meningitis

  1. I talk to your dad Monday you told me you were up at OSHU Again. Keep up the good fight you’ve had so many ups and downs hopefully now it will be all up. You have a good support system with your dad and mom and if you ever need anything from me please call me I’ll be there for you hopefully we can get you back on the road in your car driving again you can bring it down here to the beach and show it to me .You make me so Proud You’ve gone through hill and there will be a bright side keep up the fight love you always uncle Dave

  2. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. You will make it eventually. Stay strong and get well soon!

  3. I talk to your dad yesterday he told me you’ll be up at OSHU. I’ll be there at 8:20 in the morning seeing My new cancer doctor I hear you’re going to be there hopefully I can run in to you You can tell me the pros and cons of what they’re gonna do to me you and love you very much hope to see you there stay strong you can tell me the pros and cons of what they’re gonna do to me love you very much hope to see you there stay strong !! Uncle David.?

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