An Interior Google Maps Streetview Look At Automattic’s Lounge

While everyone at Automattic works from home, we do have a lounge in San Francisco for hosting the local employees as well as hosting various events. We recently finished working with a photographer to get interior views of it up on Google Maps. Check it out!

You can click to move around our lounge and even go upstairs! Very cool.

It’s normally pretty empty like that but we completely filled the place about a month ago during our full company grand meetup:


A Day In The Life Of A Fire Lookout

The video documents the (usually) very peaceful life of a fire lookout in the Gardner Lookout on the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California. I’ve been a Marin County Fire Department volunteer lookout for two years and deeply love the mountain and the peace it brings to us here in the Bay Area. Perhaps this 6-minute video will convey some of the emotions I feel when sitting (and sleeping) on her peak.

[via Colby Aley‘s Twitter stream]

An Update On That Halloween Light Show House

Remember those videos I posted back on Halloween of a house featuring an amazing light show? Well after that LMFAO video went totally viral, LMFAO actually showed up at his house to do a video:

LMFAO even made use of his house for the American Music Awards:

He also created a great light show for “Sexy And I Know It”:

Props Matt whose post reminded me to post an update.