Assisi To Rome, Italy Time-lapse Video

When I was in Italy last month to meet up with some of my co-workers, we took a chartered bus from where we were staying near Assisi into Rome. For fun, I stuck my GoPro camera onto the windshield in time-lapse mode, shooting a photo every 1 second for the duration of the 3-4 hour trip.

I took the 9788 photos it took before it’s battery died (I forgot to use the battery booster pack) and turned them into this pretty cool video:

Hint: if you want to see it in super quality, change the Quality control up to “Original” to see the full resolution (2592×1944 pixels).

Canon G11 vs. Canon S100: Big Brother Meets His New Little Brother

As much as I love my Canon PowerShot G11, it’s just too big. It technically fits in my pocket but it’s uncomfortable to walk around with it in my pocket. So after seeing my co-worker Daniel Bachhuber’s Canon PowerShot S100 a few weeks back, I just had to have one for myself. Besides shooting just about as good of quality images (if not better) than my G11, it also shoots full 1080p video (compared to 640×480!!) and has built-in GPS tagging of photos. Awesome!