A New Domain For My Blog

For nearly 14 years, my blog’s domain name has been Viper007Bond.com. As of today though, it’s now alex.blog!

The company I work for, Automattic, purchased the rights to the new .blog TLD last year. As an employee perk, we all received a free .blog domain including the option to get a hard-to-get premium domain like this one. Very cool.

I also took this opportunity to switch from a server run by a friend of mine to the managed WordPress host Pressable, a company that Automattic is a heavy investor in. This will still allow me to run all of my custom plugins while taking away any worries about having to keep WordPress up to date or even my site online.

RSS Feed Fixed

Apparently my main RSS feed has been broken since January and no one noticed until now. Many thanks to Tim for e-mailing me and notifying me of the issue.

I’ve removed the broken FeedBurner redirect and the feed is working again. Sorry about that and welcome back to the people who read my site via RSS. You missed a lot! 🙁

New Theme (Work In Progress)

For those of you who have visited my blog before, you may notice that my blog is rocking a new theme. Yes, after over 4 years I’m finally ditching my very hacked up version of the “Neat!” theme for something a bit more modern. It’s called Mystique and it was made by digitalnature.

I’m still making minor tweaks to the theme, so bear with me while I make the transition and feel free to report any issues in the comments for this post. 🙂


Due to the tr.im scare, the increasing trend of site-specific shortening services such as WordPress.com’s WP.me, and the awesomeness that is YOURLS, I’ve decided to join in and purchase my own short little domain name. I went the same route as WordPress.com did with a “.me” domain and ended up with “v007.me”.

It’s powered by YOURLS which is written by the well known WordPress plugin developers Lester “GamerZ” Chan and Ozh. It even comes with a WordPress plugin that can automatically create shortlinks for your new posts and even post it Twitter (I had been using Twitter Tools previously).

For example, here’s the short URL to this post: http://v007.me/1

Cool, huh? 🙂

Ugh, I Lost All My Uploads / Plugins On This Blog

So I tried to upload another blog on this server via the automatic upgrade and it apparently freaked out and apparently it deleted all of my plugins and uploads for this blog. I have no idea why, but it did.

Waiting on my friend who runs this server for me to find a backup, but until then this blog is mostly broken.

UPDATE: Turns out automatic file backups were never set up, so the most recent backup we could find was from exactly 2 months ago. I think I already reinstalled all of the new plugins I had installed since then, but I’ll need to reupload any uploads I’ve done in the past 2 months. Please report any issues via this post.