Restoring “http://” To Your Firefox Address Bar

Lifehacker has a great article on how to stop Firefox from greying out everything but the domain name in your address bar. While I personally don’t mind it and infact think it’s a great anti-phishing feature for the average user, one thing I don’t like is the removal of the protocol, i.e. http://, from the beginning of the address bar. I know they’re trying to conserve space, but screen real estate is not something that I am lacking.

So here’s how to once again show the protocol in your Firefox address bar:

  1. Type about:config into your address bar to access a list of Firefox configuration options that are not exposed through a normal settings panel.
  2. Paste browser.urlbar.trimURLs into the search box to find the parameter we’re going to change.
  3. Right-click the row and select “Toggle” to change the value from true to false.
  4. Close the tab and go back to a normal tab, such as this blog post. You should now see the protocol in your address bar once again.

Whoever Said Chrome Used Less Memory Than Firefox Was Lying

Chrome Memory

Okay, so it has been open for a week or two but come on. You really need 44MB of RAM to display a single tab that has only ever displayed a single webpage?

Not that it really matters since my desktop has 16 gigabytes of RAM (10.5 of which is in use), but still…

What Online Backup Service Do You Recommend?

About a month ago, I asked on Twitter for suggestions for online backup services as I’m tired of manually backing up and I never do it often enough. I was suggested Mozy, but I was also suggested a lot of alternatives. However I was leaving on a business trip basically the next day, so I never got around to reading the Tweets and they eventually slipped off my @mentions list.

So now I’m asking how I should have done it in the first place — on my blog. What online service do you use to backup your data? And before anyone suggests it, Dropbox is out of the running as it’s too expensive for actual backup (it’s great for sync though!).


Why Can’t Apple Make A Decent Windows Program?

Comon Apple, I get that Windows is a competing platform and you’d rather spend your time working on your own stuff, but if you’re going to force me to use iTunes with my iPhone, at least make iTunes not suck. I’ve ranted about iTunes before and while iTunes 10 seems more stable and less laggy so far, it’s still far from perfect.

I mean they can’t even manage to get the little things right. For example, their new logo has horrible transparency:

A simple thing to fix (look at all of the other icons there doing it just fine), but no, Apple had to not bother.

Looking For Firefox Addon: Make Bookmarks Buttons

I only have a few items in my bookmarks toolbar and I’m looking for an addon that will allow me to place those bookmarks (in icon-only form) in my normal toolbar. I already have an addon that makes the bookmarks button toggle the bookmarks toolbar (better than nothing) and I know I can customize my menu to get the bookmarks in my normal toolbar, but then they show up with labels, a big “Bookmarks” button, and the last bookmark hidden by an expand arrow. Does anyone know of such an addon?

Opera Is Faster Than A Potato Too!

Like Chrome, Opera wants you to know they’re faster than a potato too:

I’m sticking to Firefox though. I can’t live without all my addons and Firefox 4 will be pretty awesome.