I Need GPL-Compatible Flash Video Player Suggestions

I am in the early stages on recoding my Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin from scratch and in the process I will be replacing JW Player with a free and open-source alternative. JW Player is really great, but sadly it’s released under a non-commercial license which just won’t do.

So please, if you know of any good Flash players that will do FLV, MP4, etc. please leave a comment with a link!

Here’s my list so far of players to compare and pick between: (I’ll update this list with suggestions)

  • Flowplayer (currently leaning towards this one, it seems really badass)
  • OS FLV

Plugin Release: YOURLS: Short URL Widget

I threw together a widget for my blog that displays the short URL to a post or page and since multiple expressed interest in using it on their own site, I’ve decided to release it. My YOURLS: Short URL Widget plugin will add a widget (Appearance -> Widgets) that will only show up on individual posts or pages and will output content of your choosing, including the short URL to that item as generated by the YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter plugin which is required for my widget to do anything.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved v2.3.0

I’ve released a new version of my SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin. It’s not a recode of the plugin, however it is a major overhaul of the plugin. It features an update to the highlighting package (with new languages and parameters) and other various things. Here’s the full changelog:

Version 2.3.0

Major overhaul, mainly to extend flexibility so that this plugin could be used on WordPress.com without actual code modification (only actions/filters are used instead to modify it).

  • Updated SyntaxHighlighter package to v2.1.364. Highlights of the changelog include:
    • ColdFusion brush (aliases: coldfusion, cf)
    • Erlang brush (aliases: erl, erlang)
    • Objective-C brush (aliases: objc, obj-c)
    • Eclipse theme
    • padlinenumbers parameter. Set it to false for no line number padding, true for automatic padding, or an integer (number) for forced padding.
    • rb alias for Ruby
  • Commenters can now use this plugin to post code.
  • Plugin’s shortcodes now work inside of the text widget again. Requires WordPress 2.9+ though.
  • Overhaul of the TinyMCE plugin that assists in keeping your code sound when switching editor views. Thanks to Andrew Ozz!
  • This plugin’s stylesheets are now dynamically loaded. If they aren’t needed, they aren’t loaded.
  • Lots of sanitization of shortcode attributes. Invalid keys/values are no longer used.
  • Chinese translation thanks to Hinker Liu. Will need updating for v2.3.0.
  • New filter to control what shortcodes are registered. Used by WordPress.com to trim down the number of them.
  • Saving of user’s settings is now done using register_setting() instead of manually handing $_POST. Yay!
  • By default, a post meta is used to mark posts as being encoded using the 2.x encoding format. This is bad for a site like WordPress.com. You can use the new syntaxhighlighter_pre_getcodeformat filter to return 1 or 2 (based on say post_modified). See SyntaxHighlighter:get_code_format() for more details. Don’t forget to remove_action( 'save_post', array(&$SyntaxHighlighter, 'mark_as_encoded'), 10, 2 ); to stop the post meta from being added.
  • New syntaxhighlighter_precode filter to modify raw code before it’s highlighted.
  • New syntaxhighlighter_democode filter to modify example code on the settings page.

New Plugin: Local Time

Using Javascript, Local Time automatically transforms all dates and times on your blog into the visitor’s timezone. You can see for yourself right here on my blog. Make sure you’re viewing the single post view of this post and look at the grey post info box below. If you aren’t in the PST timezone (Western USA), the date and time will transform into your timezone once the page finishes loading.

For example, for this post I see “This entry was posted on November 1st, 2009 at 3:08 PM” while you may see something different (depending on your timezone). Cool, huh? 🙂

jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries v3.0.0

I’ve switched the lightbox script that my jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries plugin uses again. v2.x used a great lightbox script, but it unfortunately did not resize large images to fit on your screen (something I didn’t realize until after I released the plugin).

The newly released v3.0.0 uses the incredibly powerful and flexible ColorBox script. You can check out a demo below (this is just a simple [gallery] shortcode with no modifications):

New Plugin: WordPress Download Counter

WordPress Download Counter

Now you too can show the WordPress download counter on your website! This plugin adds a widget to your blog that shows the current download count and even refreshes the count every 15 seconds automatically.

No demo here on my blog as my current theme isn’t widgetized and I haven’t made the plugin work with anything but widgets. I have plans for the future though to allow you to display the counter anywhere.

For further details, check out the plugin’s homepage.

Updated Plugin: jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries

jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries v2.0.0 has been recoded to use a new and better lightbox script. This one resembles the original and infamous lightbox script, but is jQuery powered because jQuery is awesome. It also works with WordPress 2.8 (the previous version of my plugin may not have, I’m not sure).

Here’s a demo:

Images by Microsoft

I’ve Shut Down My Support Forums In Favor Of WordPress.org

I’ve decided to shut down my support forums today in favor of the WordPress.org forums.

The problem with me running my own forums is that people had to register there separately to post and they relied on just me basically to provide support. By opting to provide support via the WordPress.org forums, they probably don’t have to sign up for yet another account and best of all they can receive support from other knowledgeable users rather than just me.

So if you need support for one of my plugins, please visit it’s page on the WordPress.org Plugins area (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/plugin-stub-here/) and then click on “See what others are saying…” on the right side. That’ll take you to a new thread forum with the tag field already filled in with my plugin’s name (if you don’t properly tag your thread, I won’t see it).