“Alphabetical Plugins” Updated

In WordPress v2.0.1, a function that my plugin uses was moved and this broke it. I’ve updated my plugin to reflect the move while making it backwards compatible as well.

You can download the new version over on the plugin’s page.

“Alphabetical Plugins” v1.02 Released

Well, I got distracted and forgot to post that I released a new version of this plugin back on December 30th. Whoops!

Anyway, new in this version is much better alphabetical sorting (previous versions weren’t 100% correct) as well as some other small bug fixes. It’s a suggested download. 🙂

Announcing “Alphabetical Plugins”

After learning that in WordPress v2.0 (the upcoming version of WordPress that was previously known as v1.6), the plugin management page would still sort plugins by directory and filename rather than the plugin’s name (which makes a lot more sense to me), I decided to write this new plugin.

It creates a sub-page on the plugin management page in the admin area that’s exactly like the original, except that the plugins are sorted alphabetically rather than by directory & filename.

More details and a download link can be found on the plugin’s homepage.