Needed: Translators

Since I’ve noticed that a lotta Germans are using my Battlefield 2 Stats WordPress plugin, I’ve decided to implement true translation options for it.

However, since I don’t speak any language but English, I need people to translate it to different languages. So, if you you fluently speak another language (any language will do) and know English pretty well, please contact me!

A Major Update for My “Battlefield 2 Stats” WordPress Plugin

I’ve released a major update for my Battlefield 2 Stats WordPress plugin. Some of the new features in this version are…

  • addition of the ranks introduced in the Battlefield 2 v1.2 patch
  • code to connect to my website every once in a while and check for a new version
  • tons of code improvements and error handling

If you are using an older version, it’s really suggested that you update. Oh, and thanks a bunch to DocSparky for testing a couple of beta versions of this plugin for me. It’s very much appreciated! 🙂

Announcing the “Battlefield 2 Stats” WordPress Plugin

I’ve just completed a new plugin that allows you to display your Battlefield 2 profile statistics. The data is fetched via a XML feed from It’s intended for your sidebar, but can also be used on a WordPress page.

It’s fully configurable via an options page in the WordPress admin area and only requires that you add the plugin’s output function to your theme’s sidebar to get it working.

To see it in action, look to your right in my sidebar, just below the weather.

For more details or to download it, check out the plugin’s homepage.