Thoughts On “In Time”

I recently watched In Time starring Justin Timberlake, who yes really can act, and Amanda Seyfried.

It’s sort of a riff on Equilibrium, one of my most favorite movies, and Surrogates. In the movie, people stop aging at 25 years old and are then given 1 year worth of time (life). That becomes their currency, used to buy things and received as payment for work and such. While a bit rediculous of a premise, it results in some rather interesting scenarios. It’s more of a thought provoking movie than anything.

It’s a good but not great movie that is worth seeing. Also if you’re a gearhead like me, keep an eye out for the slick semi-retro styled vehicles. Whoever did the set design and such for this movie did a great job.

A bit of an odd ending though and not what I would have gone with but hey. 🙂