WordPress Admin Bar Plugin Now Distributed With WPMU

My decently popular WordPress Admin Bar has been forked into the core of WPMU. Changes/improvements made to my standard plugin will likely be ported over, but I’m not going to bother with porting over any WPMU-specific code back to my plugin since it’s in the WPMU core now.

Best of all for me, this means I can hand off the baton for the WPMU-specific code I had been dreading writing (bar showing up on all blogs, etc.). I haven’t fiddled around with WPMU code too much, so to be frank I wasn’t the best person for the job. With it being a part of the WPMU core, it can now more easily be contributed to by the contributors to WPMU.

The bad news is now even more people will be seeing and using my plugin which means I need to stop slacking and make the improvements I’ve been meaning to do. D’oh.

WordPress Admin Bar v3.0.0 Released — Recoded From Scratch

I’ve just released the latest version of WordPress Admin Bar. The new version features themes, the ability to hide items, and much, much more!

WordPress theme developers: please consider bundling your own custom admin bar theme with your WordPress theme. It’s a much slicker experience if the admin bar matches the theme. For details, check out the plugin’s theme API. It’s just a single function call and then some CSS.