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Both versions of this plugin have their issues and so a version 3 is planned. I’m not sure exactly what it’ll do, but it’ll encorporate the best of both versions hopefully (editable quotes, options page, dynamic byline creation, etc.). Stay tuned.

Check out this cool plugin. It’s pretty much exactly like what the next version of my plugin was going to be like and thankfully someone else got to it first (yay, less work for me!).

As a result, I will no longer be developing this plugin and I suggest that you use that plugin instead of mine. 🙂

And yes, you can run both my plugin and that plugin at the same time. Just remove the function for this plugin from your theme and replace it with the new one. This way my dynamic replacements will keep working.


This plugin allows commenters to quote other comments in their reply. It is highly cofigurable, all via an admin area options page. The formatting of past quotes can also now be changed as the quote replacements, as of plugin version 2.0, are replaced at the time of diplay rather than the time of quoting.

Try it out below.

Installation / Configuration Instructions:

See included readme. Instructions and such have been moved to there. 😉

Download Latest:

Past Versions:

Don’t like the way the newest version works? You can get the old version of the plugin that inserts the comment right into the reply box (rather than a placeholder) here. Note though that the v1.x series is dead and I doubt I’ll do anything more than minimal support for it. 😉

Plugin Support / Feature Request Forum:



If you enjoy this plugin, please consider sending a few bucks my way. I’ve spent a lotta time on this plugin and all donated money will be put towards paying off my college loans and such. 🙂

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  8. [Comment ID #8777 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s because you have this at the top of your page:

    <base href="http://heroluvelisa.kawaiisite.com/" />

    This makes all relative links start from that URL rather than the current URL. Either delete that line from your top of your HTML or edit my plugin. On line 295 (or so) is this:

    echo $beforelink . “

  9. Hi

    great plugin! I was trying to find a threaded comments plugin but this is much easier to implement and read.

    I have one quick question how do i change the quoteholder to just say ‘Quote will be placed here’ i.e ditch the comment id? On my blog my the comment number is displayed per post (e.g this is comment 166 on this post) – I think if I show the system comment_id which won’t match up ths might confuse people.



  10. [Comment ID #8808 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well, if the ID isn’t there, then how is my plugin supposed to know what comment to put there when the new comment gets displayed? 😉

    And if you’re looking for a threaded comments plugin, check out this one. I hear it’s the best.

  11. [Comment ID #8809 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I understand that the plugin needs to know the real ID to display the quote- I just don’t wnat to display the ID number in the comment window i.e. I want
    [Quote Will Be Placd Here]


    [Comment ID #8809 Will Be Quoted Here]

  12. Well, theoritically you could do like “The 116th Comment On This Post Will Be Here”, but that’s a lot less safe method (I mean, what if you delete a comment above it? or mark one as spam?).

    Try v1 though – it doesn’t do dynamic replacement, it just inserts the comment’s contents right into the write box.

    v3 will be a combination of that and a dynamic byline and such, assuming I ever get around to coding it. 🙁

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  15. [Comment ID #9048 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m not surprised. This plugin uses Javascript to insert text into the comment form’s textarea. If there’s other Javascript controlling that textarea, well then my plugin can’t do it’s job. 😉

  16. This plugin is dead as I’ve found a much better plugin that’s very similiar to what version 3 of my plugin was going to be like. As a result, no more versions of my plugin will be released.

    If you would like to continue using my plugin but need some help with it, then please use my support forums from now on. Thanks. 🙂

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