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This plugin has been discontinued. It was last updated in 2005 and since then many other and better plugins have come along, including Lester “GamerZ” Chan’s WP-PluginsUsed. I would recommend using one of those plugins rather than this ancient one.


I was unhappy with the other “Plugins Used” plugin that was out there (pluginsUsedPlugin) for a number of reasons, mainly that it didn’t output the plugins in alphabetical order as well as I wanted more configuration options. So, I started over and wrote my own plugin.

This plugin allows you to list out all plugins that you have activated as a table or an unordered list. You can toggle displaying the version, author, and plugin description. You can also set custom plugin descriptions via the plugin’s options page.

For an example, click here.

What’s New in v1.1x:

  • Version 1.12 — I was modifying the content of the edit form POST contents and instead of saving the edited string to my own variable like I should have, I had been saving it to the $_POST array which was causing some issues with WordPress. Fixed that in this version.
  • Version 1.11 — error with the quotes in the HTML of the version column header in the table output.
  • Version 1.1 — a few bug fixes here and there, but mostly the addition of an options page where you can set custom plugin descriptions. This came as a result of a request by swordfish on the WordPress support forums.


See the readme.txt inside the ZIP for usage instructions. The instructions go into great detail and therefore are rather long, so I’d rather not clutter up this page with them. However, even though they are long, this plugin is not hard to install and use. The instructions just are long as they describe how you can cutomize everything.

Download Latest:

Support / Feature Request Forum:


If you enjoy this plugin, please consider sending a few bucks my way. I’ve spent a lotta time on this plugin and all donated money will be put towards paying off my college loans and such. 🙂

Option Page Screenshots

Click for a larger version.

Options Page - Listing All Plugins [Thumbnail]

Options Page - Editing Plugin Description [Thumbnail]

128 thoughts on “Viper’s Plugins Used

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  2. Nice plugin, easy install. But it inconsistently broke my site, and I can’t quite figure out why. The site pages themselves displayed happily, and the dashboard displayed happily, but the login screen stopped re-directing to the dashboard and displayed a blank screen. Most odd. Maybe it’s not playing nice with one of my other plugins?

  3. Oh, that’s not good. It just did the same to me when I logged out and then back in. I suspect my plugin is messing up the POST from the login form or something.

    I’ll look into it immediately. 🙂

  4. Should all be fixed now. Stupid mistake on my part by editing the $_POST array instead of just saving the edited string to my own variable.

    Please download the new version (v1.12) and double check that I did indeed fix it. 🙂

  5. Glad you like it! Nice site too. 🙂

    However, as a result of seeing my plugin in work on your site, I realized that ksort() (the PHP function that sorts my plugin array) places capitalized items before lowercase items. I’ll work on getting it to sort in a case insensitive format. 🙂

  6. Hey Viper, glad you knew what was going wrong. I thought I’d stuffed up immensely. Have downloaded and installed 1.12 and it all seems to be working happily. Thanks!

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  10. I am really frustrated with this damn thing please someone explain how i make the template and dont refer me to the codexcuz i dont get it.

  11. Go to your theme’s folder (/blog/wp-content/themes/fblue/) and make a copy of page.php. Rename it to page-pluginsused.php or something (it doesn’t really matter what).

    Open the copy up and add this to the top:

    That makes it a custom Page template and will make it show up in the list of Page templates when writing or editing a Page.

    Then just follow the rest of the instructions in the plugin’s readme.

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  13. Hi viper, This is just what I was looking for except… it’s killed my site. All I get now is the following error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/chowitco/public_html/qwertyrash/wp-content/plugins/vipers_pluginsused.php on line 238

    Line 238 looks like this

    $currentdescription = ($vipercustominfo[$editplugin]) ? $vipercustominfo[$editplugin] : $viperspluginsused->plugindata[$editplugin]['description'];

    I’ve deleted the plugin for now and my site is working again.


  14. It’s a shortcut for this:

    if ($vipercustominfo[$editplugin]) {
    $currentdescription = $vipercustominfo[$editplugin];
    } else {
    $currentdescription = $viperspluginsused->plugindata[$editplugin]['description'];

    What version of PHP are you using? If you’re running a really old version or something, you could try replacing it with the above code, but I HIGHLY doubt it’ll fix it as I’m pretty sure WordPress uses that shortcut too. But, worth a shot. 🙂

  15. Thanks. That worked. I know that doesn’t make sense except… are you sure that “?” is right? wouldn’t it be a “:” too?

    My host is running PHP 4.4.1 and MySQL 4.1.13

  16. No, the code I had is perfectly valid. I mean, you’re the first one to have any issues with that part of the plugin. You must have a weird PHP configuration or something. Odd.

  17. I installed this plugin, everything looks perfect but just some warning occured.

    Warning: file(c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\wp//wp-content/plugins/): failed to open stream: Permission denied in c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\wp\wp-content\plugins\vipers_pluginsused.php on line 93

    Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\wp\wp-content\plugins\vipers_pluginsused.php on line 93

    How can i avoid this?

  18. I’ll be releasing a new version soon that should fix that as this new version will use the built in WordPress function that creates the plugins page in the admin area. Hang tight. 🙂

  19. [Comment ID #377 Will Be Quoted Here]


    I got the same error first time I used your plugin. In some cases the $plugin-Array contains an empty [0]-index. so just insert a

    if(isset($plugins[0]) && empty($plugins[0])) { unset($plugins[0]); }


    function viperspluginsused() {
    $plugins = get_option(‘active_plugins’);


    $output = array();

    to throw away these error.



  20. Speaking of which, work is continuing on the new version (that uses the WordPress core functions to get the plguin details as well as fixes some sorting issues) and it should hopefully be out in a week or two if I remember to keep working on it. 🙂

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  22. One more… I tried taking precaution with plugin deactivation and plugin calls inside my themes by using the function_exists PHP call. Here’s what I did for yours:

    < ?php if (function_exists('viperspluginsused')) { ?>
    < ?php $viperspluginsused = new viperspluginsused(); ?>
    < ?php $viperspluginsused->output_table('id="pluginstable"', TRUE, TRUE); ?>
    < ?php } ?>
    (minus the spaces between the

  23. Thanks Viper! I had this exact plugin in mind and I was tempted to write one myself 😉 Now you’ve saved me time to … well… do what I’m paid to while I’m at work 😉

    One question though – I would like to integrate the css styles more tightly with the rest of my blog, which is currently utilizing the ‘blix’ theme. Do you know of a quick n’ easy way to do this? Something like …

    oh wait… reading id=pluginstable now… SWEET!


  24. Great plugin.

    One suggestion would be to use a strip_tags() function call on the description as without it relative links (which many people use in their descriptions) get a 404 error.

  25. No, tags are useful, for example the code tag. 😉

    As for relative links, just use the options page of this plugin to edit the displayed description for the plugin to something else, i.e. remove the link and such. 🙂

    Although I can’t remember if this plugin checks for only allowed tags or not. I really need to update this thing…

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  27. On row 160 you have:

    $rowstyle = ($rowstyle == ‘class=”pluginrow”‘) ? ‘class=”pluginrowalt”‘ : ‘class=”pluginrow”‘;

    Is this for displaying alternate row colours as in the admin display?

    Basically, I’m wondering if you could please help me work out how to display the plugins list with the css styling exactly like that in the wp-admin/plugins.php page.

    It looks like you’ve already set this up for alternate row styling, etc. At least you have definitely done this for the admin. Are you able to help please work this out?

  28. I really should update this plugin… :/

    Anyway, yes, the rows already have alternating classes. All you need to do is create some CSS, no plugin editing needed.

    Do you need help with the CSS or were you just thinking that modification of the plugin was needed?

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