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Note of Plugin Discontinuation:

WordPress 3.1 features a built-in admin bar like this, so I will no longer continue development of this plugin. I recommend uninstalling this plugin as it will no longer be maintained.


This plugin creates an admin bar at the top of your site for logged in users (i.e. you) based on the design of the admin bar located at WordPress.com. It has links to all popular areas of the admin area, saving you time.

It requires no theme editing whatsoever — just upload and activate and you’re done.


Adding Custom Themes:

If you’re the author of a WordPress theme or just otherwise wish to add an custom admin bar theme of your own, please check out this plugin’s theme API.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some plugins don’t show up in the admin bar. What gives?
A: The author of the problematic plugin has a is_admin() test when creating their admin menu which means that if you’re outside of the admin area, their plugin won’t register it’s admin menu. Therefore it of course won’t show up in my admin bar. Contact them and ask them to remove the is_admin() test (or do it yourself).

532 thoughts on “WordPress Admin Bar

  1. Right – Sorry about name squatting. I agree it might get confusing in the future – I hadn’t thought of that when I selected it though. I will make note of your plugin, as well as the URI where they can find it on WordPress.org, and a brief explanation that someone may want to check out yours as well as mine in my extra info section of the readme.txt. 😉

    I am also going to implement some other features that increase usability – I may release it under another name then.

    BTW – it is now available from the WordPress.org plugins directory.

  2. how can i make this plugin be global on wordpress mu script? any one have any ideeas ? i`ll do it myself but i dont know php :(( it will be better and with register link 😀

  3. Hi Folks,

    Is there a way to add a link to the admin bar for new user registrations? A “sign up” button or something?

    Also, is there a way to get rid of the WordPress icon?


  4. @Viper007Bond thanks a lot. I figured those tips were in here somewhere but that’s a LOT of comments to read through. Thanks for the tips. Great work by the way – really cool stuff, keep it up.

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  6. “Everything here applies to your account only”

    Everything was good until I noticed this. Can’t we have settings available, which allows admin to select defaults for the different user roles?

    So we can get rid of tools and comments and whatever is needed depending on whether the users is a subscriber or author, etc.


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  8. Everything here applies to your account only”

    Everything was good until I noticed this. Can’t we have settings available, which allows admin to select defaults for the different user roles?

    So we can get rid of tools and comments and whatever is needed depending on whether the users is a subscriber or author, etc.


    • Did you actually try it out as another user? The admin bar only shows items that the user can access (it matches the real admin menu exactly). Subscribers don’t see the Comments menu for example. 😉

      And if you scroll up, there should be some code for how to control the defaults using a filter.

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  10. Everything was good until I noticed this. Can’t we have settings available, which allows admin to select defaults for the different user roles?

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    • It only displays for logged in users and will show those users only the menus they have access to (it’s dynamic). If that’s still not enough, then edit the top of the plugin and change the required capability from “read” to “manage_options”.

  12. Thanks Viper, works, i use simple press forum and set options for logged in user so they can not access dashboard but redirect to forum profile, so with this admin bar no matter what they click they go to forum, thats why i needed admin only 🙂

  13. Hey Viper, I have an issue that I need resolved. When I use admin bar I can not choose anything on the drop down list but I can choose what is in the main bar. Once it drops down and I scroll to the drop down box it disappears….

    Any Idea or help is appreciated, thanks!

  14. Hey dude love the plugin and use it on all my sites!
    I have one wish, I would love to be able to set the default user leavel that sees the admin bar, like editor or above. That would be really cool!

    Thanks For The Great Plugin It Is A Time Saver!

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  16. How can I manage, what other users can see on their Admin Bar?

    I mean – I’ve installed plugin Messages and I see it on my bar, but other users have to turn it on manually. Is there a possibility to do it? If not – where does it save options? Name of database, table or file?

  17. Hey Viper, I have been looking for weeks in my css and can not narrow it down to what is breaking your plugin… any ideas on where to look that is causing my problem? (when I drop down anything on the bar and move the cursor over the drop it hides the drop down menu) Everything in the bar itself works and I have been using it that way but the drop down portion would be perfect to get working… if you have ANY ideas let me know Viper – Thanks!

  18. ok so im confused…. i installed the plugin an its working as it should on the admin side.. but when i goto view it on the front end, theres a space there where the tool bar should be displayed but… no toolbar. I am not sure what could be the issue here? Any help would be apperciated.

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  21. Viper – very nice plugin. Thank you.

    If you’re so inclined, it would be very nice if admin could set the view of items for other users rather than users being able to edit their own options, giving the admin the ability to set it for them is good.

    Even better would be the ability for the admin to set those and then not allow them to customize it.

    Thank you,

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  23. I was wondering if you knew what would cause the admin bar to display at the top of my footer instead of at the top of the page. I’m using the plugin on two different sites. On one it works perfect, but on the other it puts the bar in my footer. Any idea what would cause this? Love the plugin by the way.


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  25. I got a small problem with the admin bar:
    I am using the same theme as yours (Mystique). When I activate the admin bar In the admin area, the bar is placed right on top of the page just like in wordpress.com. But when I activate “On the Site” option, the bar is displayed on top of the main content page below the navigation bar and not on the main screen. Can you please tell me how to fix this? Thanks

  26. Hi Alex,

    I noticed there’s a small CSS bug in all the different styles/colour for the admin bar (except for the blue one). Might be my particular theme, but I get square white list bullets next to all the list item in the bar, but only when viewing the bar on the home page/front end of my site (not on th eWP interface). Solved it by setting
    list-style: none !important;
    on the #wpabar ul li definition as well as the #wpabar ul def. in each CSS file (this was done in the blue.css file, but not the others).

    Otherwise, thanks for the great plug-in.

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  30. I LOVE your Admin bar plugin but I have a problem after upgrading to WordPress 3.0; I cannot find where to modify the settings. I have tried under plugins and under settings in the admin side, but there is no link to wp-admin bar. Where should I go or what should I do?

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