Regenerate Thumbnails

Plugin Description:

Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to regenerate all thumbnail sizes for one or more images that have been uploaded to your Media Library.

This is useful for situations such as:

  • A new thumbnail size has been added and you want past uploads to have a thumbnail in that size.
  • You’ve changed the dimensions of an existing thumbnail size, for example via Settings ? Media.
  • You’ve switched to a new WordPress theme that uses featured images of a different size.



817 thoughts on “Regenerate Thumbnails

  1. Haven’t done any programming in years . . . sorry . . . that’s what happens when you get good at something (like programming) corporate America says oh you’re good you should be managing other people who can’t program. Stupid corporations!

  2. Hi Alex,
    I’ve already made good use of your plugin- Thanks! A question: What can make an image in the Media Library impervious to being resized? I suspect that we screwed up while “cleaning up” our site using http://FTP...


  3. Hi Viper, can your plugin be used to regenerate custom image sizes that are (for example) defined in the themes function.php? If so, how? It does not seem to do this out of its own valition 😉

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  6. Hi, first of all thank you very much for your awesome plugin.

    I’ve installed it to regenerate images for a plugin I wrote but after regenerating all images, timthumb (used by the theme I’m using) is failing to retrieve post thumbnails.

    I’m not sure that the problem is related to your plugin, the only clue I have is that it happened after using it.

    Do you have any idea on what could be wrong?

    Thank you very much in advice, any help will be much appreciated.


  7. nice plugin, it help me a lot, i just change my wordpress theme to “SAHIFA” and i had troubles with the images, i did a search in google, and your plugin came out and it’s so wonderful, and my images is just fine now.

    So Thank you very much.

  8. Thank you so much. After updating one of my Elegant Themes my pictures were all screwed up. Someone from their help desk recommended I use your plugin to fix it and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. THANK YOU.

  9. Hi, thanks for the plugin,
    Have a question, what if I would like to undo all the regenerated images to only have the basics (default from WordPress), how may that be done?

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    • No, this plugin does not allow you to customize the thumbnail. It is for when you add a new thumbnail size or change the size of your thumbnails. It goes through and re-creates the thumbnails as if you just uploaded the image today.

      There are other plugins that will do what you want.

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    • It will resize both of those. What it won’t resize are the thumbnails within the content of your post outside of a gallery as the URLs to the thumbnails are specifically within your post content.

      Galleries and featured images are generated by WordPress and use your image size settings.

  15. Hi,

    I love your plug in however I’m encountering a problem.

    I’m using your plugin on a site that has 4,000 plus images. Somewhere around the 40% complete mark, it times out and stops.

    Any suggestions on how I can remedy this?

    thank you,

  16. Hey there,

    This plugin saved me when I switched themes, and all the thumbnails on my home page now look proper. However, if I want to view posts by category or archive month, the thumbnails are skewed again. Is there any fix for this?



    • Why would editors need to use this tool? You only need to run it one single time after you change the dimensions of your thumbnails — either via changing your theme to one with different sized featured images, changing the sizes at Settings -> Media, or editing your theme’s code. All three of those require administrative access.

      This plugin is something that should only be needed to be used once and then deactivated.

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  19. I installed this plugin to make my various thumbnail images the right sizes respectively throughout my Woo-Commerce store on my website. However, once I regenerated the images, the image quality became terrible! Really pixelated and blurry. How do I revert back to the image quality before I regenerated them?

    • If they’re blurry, it sounds like lower resolution thumbnails are being stretched (upscaled) to fit into the size needed. You are likely missing a line of code that tells WordPress “hey, I need thumbnails made at this size” and it’s just using the closest size it has instead.

      You can’t revert, and it wouldn’t help anyway. Even without my plugin, any new images you uploaded would have this same problem. My plugin goes through and just re-runs the code that runs when you upload an image for the first time.

      Contacting the developers of Woo-Commerce will likely result in more help here as this issue isn’t (directly) related to my plugin.

  20. Unfortunately that’s not helpful at all and seems like you’re shifting the blame onto someone else. My images were perfect, high quality before I regenerated the thumbnails using your plugin. It was just that they weren’t the beard optimum size. I’ve been through many similar support topics with the same problem using your plugin but no one has got answers or a solution-which is very frustrating. Before I installed your plugin and “regenerated” the thumbnails my images were perfect quality, now they are very blurred, pixelated and extremely poor quality. So basically are you telling me that I have to delete every image I “regenerated” using your plugin and then re-upload the originals (after deleting your plugin) and allocating them to the various parts of your website?

    • Yes, I am shifting the blame because it’s not my plugin that is at fault. My plugin merely exposed the underlying issue. I think you’re confused as to what the actual problem here is.

      Also I’m not telling you delete your images and infact I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t even fix it. Assuming I’m understanding your problem correctly, it would leave you right back where you are now. Try it with a single test image to confirm. You can even disable my plugin first if you want to put your mind at ease that it’s not my plugin at fault here. If my suspicions are correct, you’ll have a blurry thumbnail even with the newly uploaded image.

    • I just experienced the same thing with my woo theme site I’m putting together. My images were fantastic until I regenerated them. I am now stuck with crappy looking photos that I can’t change back. Had I read your review prior to using it I would have never used it. I’ve tried deleting and re-uploading and it’s not working. This plug-in has proven to be a pain in my A**.

      I would hate to have to re-install and re-build an entire site because of a b*llsh*t plug-in. Have you found a solution to this problem because I sure would love to know what I have to do to fix it?

      • Disable my plugin. Upload a new image. I will bet you that you will experience the exact same problem that you are experiencing right now. My plugin didn’t cause your problem, it merely exposed that it existed.

        Defining the correct thumbnail sizes will likely fix this issue.

  21. Hello Alex. I ran into a problem that my theme generated 15 thumbnails for each image. i fixed the issue for the future but my server drive is full is there any way you guys have for me to get rid of old files and leave with the new ones or the ones which are necessary.

    Now my theme is making 3 files for each image.

    Thank you very much

  22. Hello,

    My theme generated 15 files for each image and now im out of server space i fixed the theme to generate 3 files for each image now but how to delete old thumbnail files so i can have my space back ?

    any idea guys ?

  23. I have been experiencing a really strange problem with the plugin. I can only regenerate thumbs for about 20% of my posts. I receive back this error in the debugging log.

    function (){if(l){var t=l.length;(function i(t){x.each(t,function(t,n){var r=x.type(n);”function”===r?e.unique&&p.has(n)||l.push(n):n&&n.length&&”string”!==r&&i(n)})

    I have to be honest, I haven’t a clue what this is or even how to begin to fix it. Have SCOURED the web for help, and have come across a few suggestions, but alas no joy.

    Tried disabling all plugins except your plugin, checked paths to images, checked permissions, even set the image folder and images to 777 temporarily. Just finished pulling out more of my slowly graying hair. Giving up for the night, or is t morning now.

    Any Idea?

    Cheers 🙂

    • This error text shows up when my plugin receives an invalid AJAX response from the server. Usually it’s a PHP error or something. I’ve worked hard to make the plugin gracefully handle such an error but obviously have no succeeded. It’s continues to pester me. 🙁

      You can find out what’s wrong by opening Firefox or Chrome’s developer tools, going to the Network tab, and then clicking on the admin-ajax.php request and seeing what the response was. In Firefox you have to right-click the Network window and tell it to log response bodies.

    • This problem for me was caused because I had WP in debug mode, In wp-config setting define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true): Changing true to false stopped be getting the error like you did.

  24. Alex,

    Awesome plugin and a life saver – so thanks for the great work.

    And now a question…after processing a re-generation of all images you get your desired result BUT you also have the old set of images on the server…and if you have been experimenting with thumbnail sizes and re-generating you get an awful lot of redundant images with all the old file names.

    Are you aware of any utility or plugin that will clean up all the image folders and leave me with JUST the final set of images?

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  26. Hey Viper, Great Plugin. I was wondering if you had put any thought into an extension for this (or if anyone has made one) that only regenerates missing images sizes. Use Case would be the client making custom crops on existing images, and not wanting to lose those. Any thoughts?

  27. I uploaded the theme Hueman and the plugin and everything but the pictues still don’t show when you open my blog. It shows and empty spot where the picture should be. If you click on the post and open it then it shows. What can fix the problem?

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  29. HI Alex,

    i have an elegant theme but the plugin is stretching my pictures on the blog post. what’s the solution? example here: this picture is supposed to be more of a square (1408 × 1576), not vertical. i didn’t have this issue before running your plugin. i reed it to resize the thumbnails only. thanks

  30. For those of you using wootheme’s and used this “regenerate thumbnails” plugin and your images became blurry pixelated and you could not get it back, please try using this link:

    The video at the end will give you step by step instructions on how to get the correct dimensions to get your clear images back. I too shared this blurry image headache and frustration and I have now fixed the problem.

    • Correct. The problem is that a thumbnail image of the size needed is not being defined (telling WordPress you need one in that size). Once you or a plugin tells WordPress that you need a thumbnail image in a certain size, you can run my plugin to make thumbnails of that size.

  31. Hi.Does your plugin conflict with Jetpack Photon? ( I have Photon installed and Active and I tried regenerating thumbnails without any luck.The same when I deactivated Jetpack Photon)
    My problem is with WooCommerce that does not display some pics(at all) and I have to use this plugin to regenerate thumbnails and I cannot.
    Hoping for some light…

  32. Hi Alex,

    I am using your plugin along with the Hueman theme on my site Unfortunately, it is not working now and is showing the following error:

    function (){if(l){var t=l.length;(function i(t){x.each(t,function(t,n){var r=x.type(n);”function”===r?e.unique&&p.has(n)||l.push(n):n&&n.length&&”string”!==r&&i(n)})})(arguments),n?o=l.length:r&&(s=t,c(r))}return this}

    Can you help? To be precise on this problem, it happened after I tried to install a pirated theme and then had deleted that from the wordpress.


    • This is a really stubborn bug that has resisted my many attempts to fix it.

      My plugin uses AJAX to initiate the resizes — one request per image. If the response from the request isn’t correctly formatted, then the JavaScript can’t understand it and it for some reason throws out this error despite my attempts to make it not do it.

      Usually the error in the AJAX response is a result of another plugin or your theme. You can see what the error is in Chrome by going to the menu -> Tools -> Developer tools -> Network and then visiting the regeneration page. Look for a request to admin-ajax.php and then see what the response is. There’s probably some text at the beginning rather than {response stuff} being at the beginning.

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    • How were the watermarks added? My plugin runs the thumbnail generation code as if the image was just uploaded. Other plugins should be able to hook in properly and watermark thumbnails but only if they’re doing it correctly. They may be doing it in a fragile way.

      I’d talk to the watermark plugin’s author.

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  37. Alex, Thanks for the plugin.

    Can you please tell me where can I find the generated thumbnail files in my wordpress database. Actually, I am facing an issue, when I share any product on facebook, original image is displayed with product instead of thumbnail.


    • Thumbnails are files so they are stored on the filesystem, not in the database. By default, they’re in /wp-content/uploads/.

      Facebook pulls in the first image it finds on your site. You can tell Facebook to use a specific image using Open Graph tags. There are many plugins that take care of this for you automatically including Jetpack which is what I use.

      • Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have looked into /wp-content/uploads/ but couldn’t find out any thumbnails. Is there any problem with Regenerate Thumbnails plugin or I need to look at some other path?

        I was thinking that facebook itself generates thumbnail for us from original image file. Is there any truth in it?


        • If you see your uploads but no images that are like original_filename-300x300.jpg, then it sounds like your server is missing the required software in order to manipulate images and generate thumbnail files. Ask your host to add “GD” to PHP.

          Facebook uses whatever image you tell it to use. Facebook does resize and mirror your images to fit it’s various uses though. It doesn’t hotlink your image.

          • I mean I can see some folders inside /wp-content/uploads/ which contains original uploaded images but I am not able to locate the thumbnails generated by Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Is there any method to see the path at which this plugin saves the generated thumbnails?


            • My plugin doesn’t do anything custom or special. It just triggers the core WordPress functionality that happens when you upload an image for the first time. It’s as if you just uploaded it.

              The thumbnails are located in the same folder as the original images. For example:


              The numbers in my example are made up and will vary depending on your theme and settings but if you only see the original file and not the thumbnails, then my plugin won’t help you. Your server is likely missing the GD module.

  38. Hello Alex, thanks for this useful plugin. It will help us move our files to our CDN during regeneration. Something I am concerned with before proceeding is that WooCommerce’s images seems to be processed cleanly into the various sizes. But for some reason when I run your plugin on them, they end up degraded. Here are two examples to show you:

    You’ll notice the one ran through your plugin has a bunch of gray noise. I can see in this thread you attribute it to image dimensions and that your plugin just piggy backs native calls. Any idea why Woo’s come through so much cleaner? I ran a seach for the ‘jpeg_quality’ WP filter in woocommerce and your plugin, neither seem to use it.

    Thank you for any insight you might be able to provide.

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  41. Hi, when I applied it, after the most recent WP update, the thumbnail sizes change into their “usual sizes” instead of squares. Is it due to the WP update? This has never happened before.

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