Yet Another Version of My Blog

Welcome to yet another reincarnation of my blog. I was REALLY tired of getting comment and referral spam on my old blog, plus I was really tired of b2evolution which is what powered by old blog. This new blog is powered by WordPress which has come a long way since I last redid my blog and chose b2evolution over WordPress.

Anyway, as for this blog template, it’s just temporary until I can find something better. I’ve actually asked for some help over on my forums, so if you’re good at web design and are interested, go check that link out. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Yet Another Version of My Blog

  1. Well guys, WordPress 1.5.1 has been released and you can download it now from here. Although, I won’t be upgrading it since I seem to be having alot of issues with this release. When I go into /wp-login.php to login, the x in r0×0rz gets changed to a …

  2. Got here from your page, where I got from your Regen Thumbnails plugin 🙂 awesome plugin, thank you for your work and for making it available for free! helped me a lot!

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