Freebord – Snowboard the Streets

Wow, this “Freebord” thing is insanely cool. It’s a skateboard that has additional center pivoting wheels which allows you to slide sidways if you want like a snowboard.

A great video that explains the Freebord and shows it in action can br found here with some more details, pictures, and videos being found on the official Freebord site.

That thing really makes me wish I wasn’t so un-coordinated. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Freebord – Snowboard the Streets

  1. i have a few questions. the first one is if the baseplate on the truck witch attaches to the board is supposed to rise a inch or so from the lubricating wire that is resting on the swivel wheel? the secound question is if the 75cm model pack comes with bindings? because i did not get any s1 bindings.

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