So I navigated over to today and discovered they have a totally new website (it’s been up since the 9th, but I just now noticed). There’s also no more, just now.

The site itself is pretty kickass — a lot cleaner and easier to navigate. That goes for the profiles as well.

They also have a desktop player now instead of a stream in your normal audio player. I must say, I do like it, espeically since it actually displays what I’m listening to. (Before, it’d slowly get farther and father off.)

If you don’t already have an account and have the tracking plugin installed into your favorite audio player, you really should. I mean, the customized radio streams themselves make it all worth it (pick an artist you like and songs are found for you that’d you probably like). For more details about, check out this page:

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  1. is both fun and fascinating. The new site sure does look better, but it was easier to listen with the previous site. You could link straight to a streaming mp3 feed that would play in iTunes. Now, you need to install software to listen. To me, that’s a real bummer.

    My other favorite feature of is still great… maybe even better now. I love looking up other people’s playlists to see what else I might like. For example, I’m playing Damien Rice “Cannonball” right now. It’s easy to find out who else likes his stuff, and what else they like too. I’ve found some great new music that way!

    – Rob

    P.S. Here’s my page

  2. Yeah, I do admit, it was easier to listen to a stream before, but control over the stream is a lot easier now, so that makes it worth it.

    Nice site BTW and good to see a fellow Oregonian. 🙂

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