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After seeing “The Transporter”, I wasn’t expecting much from “Transporter 2”. I mean sure, the first one was a kick to watch, but the plot was seriously lacking, to say the least. But hey, I don’t think anyone goes to these kinda movies expecting to see top notch acting and an excellent plot. These types of movies are designed to be full of action and keep you on the edge of your seat and this movie delivers.

Once again, mercenary/driver/martial arts expert/superhero/etc. Frank Martin (played by Jason Statham) is thrown into a highly unlikely scenario where he has to rescue some innocent person. This time around, a little boy, the son of a major anti-drug bureaucrat, that Frank has been hired to drive to and from school (no, he doesn’t drive a school bus) gets kidnapped. Frank of course promises to rescue him.

True to the previous Transporter film, “Transporter 2” features tons of beautiful women, fast cars, explosions, and exotic locations. However, the bullshit meter is off the charts this time as Frank does repeated impossible stunts. I won’t “spoil” them by saying what they are, but they are definitely way out there.

Overall, it was a good action flick and did exactly as promised — to provide lots of action. It didn’t try to be something it wasn’t and because of that, I’m giving it a thumbs up. You for sure won’t come out of the theater having seen a great movie, but you will be satisfied, assuming you didn’t go in expecting to see Oscar material that is. 😉

So basically, if you like action flicks, go see it, or even better, wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it, otherwise avoid it ’cause that’s all it has going for it really — action and babes.

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