11 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Homepage

  1. That is usually the case! I have heard rumors that Alex has setup all three and is planning on running the “race” angle to bolster “sales” once his original site slows down in the upcoming weeks. Shrewd play.

  2. As a reaction to the milliondollarhomepage & all other copy-sites there’s a new site on the block that kicks some retro-pixel ass! Instead of selling ads they sell FAME! Why? Because fame sucks! Why should you earn fame, if you could buy it?? For some mini-dollars you can get some online fame & get a free Pixel Certificate with it! http://www.famesucks.be maybe nice to get it before the hype! Cheers!

  3. Okay, this is getting out of hand. I’m killing the comments for this post. All you guys are doing is using my blog to advertise. Go use your own bandwidth to do that.

    Not that it really matters anyway. All of the links posted in comments on this site are setup so that Google won’t use them for determining page rank.

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