WeatherIcon v2.3.1 Finally Released

So after having the version from Garett sit on my computer for like a month, I’ve finally combed through it, fixed some final bugs, added a few more little features, worried for a week or two if I had missed anything, and now released WeatherIcon v2.3.1. This version is pretty much entirely bug fixes with a few new trivial features.

Go download it now! It’s really recommended that you update. 🙂

For a full list of feature changes, read the rest of this post.

02 Dec 2005
– Viper007Bond: Made the “language” parameter work for WeatherIcon() — “unset($l10n[‘WeatherIcon’]);” was missing
– Viper007Bond: Spruced up wctest.php some more
23 Nov 2005
– Viper007Bond: Hand converted all of the transparent PNGs to transparent GIFs, but realized the 256 colors of GIF files just don’t cut it, so I switched the PNGs back to the primary images (and changed the default extension to PNG). The transparent GIFs can be found in the “alternate_icons” folder if you are using a non-white background and care about those silly IE users (no PNG transparency in IE)
– Viper007Bond: Moved change log to it’s own text file — it was getting to be REALLY long
– Viper007Bond: Fixed a missing “>” on a “” in the cache debug output
22 Nov 2005
– Viper007Bond: Made the little message box at the top that says stuff like “Weather Settings Updated.” do the cool new yellow fade thing if running WP v2.0+. Since only 1 box can be faded (due to it having to have an id), all messages are now saved to a var and then spit out all at once rather than each having their own box.
– Viper007Bond: Changed link to wctext.php in description to make it show up with the WordPress admin header, but it can still be run independently. Also added link to it on the bottom of theoptions page.
– Viper007Bond: Added Swedish translation by yeager ( )
– Viper007Bond: Added Finnish translation by anssi ( )
– Viper007Bond: Added Bulgarian translation by donangel ( )
– Viper007Bond: Added Czech translation by Radek ( )
– Viper007Bond: Had accidentally included my personal language file (ViperTexts or something) in v2.3.0 and so I’ve decided what the hell, I’ll leave it in. Renamed it to “viper007bond” though. It’s just mostly capitialization and things.
07 Oct 2005
– Garett: Increased width of Widget from 200px to 220px;
– Garett: New Feature: Add the ability to change the language of an individual icon.
– Garett: New Feature: Now supports remark code VIRGA (Virga is a type of rain that evaporates before hitting the ground. Pretty cool IMO.)
– Garett: New Feature: Added the command ‘override_cache’ to the command line interfaces to force the plugin to retrieve data regardless of whether the data is cached or not. This is a debugging feature, not an everyday feature so it isn’t added to the configuration page. In fact, I was considering not mentioning it … but I have. If you wish to see what it is, either enter in the METAR code ( CYQR 071700Z 15021G27KT 15SM BKN039 BKN070 OVC230 05/M01 A2973 RMK SC6AC2CI1 VIRGA SLP094 ), or just add VIRGA to the RMK’s section of your METAR data.
05 Oct 2005
– Garett: Bug Fix: Correct local server’s time based on the gmt offset in the wordpress settings. Known problems? Doesn’t correct for Daylight savings time (see for more information)
– Garett: Bug Fix: Database caching cause Heat Index and Condition Status to carry onwards when no longer valid (see and for more information).
– Garett: New Feature: Added a “Default Location” option (see for more information)
04 Oct 2005
– Garett: Bug Fix: Template.po file bugs fixed (see for more information)
– Garett: New Feature: Display date/time from metar file (see for more information)
25 Aug 2005
– Garett: New Debugging Information
24 Aug 2005
– Garett: New Debugging Information
23 Aug 2005
– Garett: Bug Fix: NSC Metar Code no longer results in No Data
– Garett: Bug Fix: Ignoring No Nighttime Icon Fixed
– Garett: Bug Fix: Debug/Display no longer Case Sensitive

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