New Hosting Plan

Woot, just switched hosting plans. My old one (which you can no longer sign up for) was running me $11.99 a month (I pay yearly though) and which got me 1 gig of space and 50 GB of transfer. Now I’m paying $9.99 a month and I get 5 gigs of storage and no real bandwidth limit to speak of (they’ll probably get mad if I use HUGE amount of bandwidth though).

And if that hosting plan sounds good to you, my host is HostRocket if you’d like to check them out (that’s a referral link that gets me money if you signup BTW).

5 thoughts on “New Hosting Plan

  1. HostRocket looks really good. I currently have some sites hosted with lunarpages, which is a really solid host and they have a good plan (5GB of storage, unlimited MySQL databases), but they don’t offer unlimited bandwidth….(400GB per month)

    @Shivarnajan: Have you tried Dreamweaver? It’s not cheap, but it is the best. Tiny MCE is more for embedding into php scripts for admin forms and stuff like that.

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