Damn It’s Been Hot!

Yeah, so on Sunday it hit 100F (38C) here and then on Monday (yesterday), it hit 102F (39C). That’s the hottest day in June that we’ve EVER had. Ugh!

And yeah, yeah, I know, in Arizona, Texas, etc., temperatures like that are pretty common. But around here, that’s damn hot! I mean, during July and August, the average high is around 80F (27C) according to Wikipedia.

Thank goodness it’s “only” going to be 88F (31C) tomorrow, but that’s not much to look forward to as here at 2:30AM, it’s still 75F (24C). ๐Ÿ™

19 thoughts on “Damn It’s Been Hot!

  1. 100 degrees is really hot. I can handle dry heat but when it’s humid, that’s when it bugs me. The whole being sticky and sweaty, no fun at all.

    For the most part though, it seems in Portland you have pretty consistent weather which is nice.

  2. It’s been warm here also, but it’s been weird. One week hitting 100 and then the next week we had showers. So far this weekend it’s actually been nice. (Rather not have any major fires this 4th, ktnx)

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