Bad Behavior 2 Released

The latest incarnation of the great WordPress plugin, Bad Behavior, has been released. It’s greatly improved over the previous generation of the plugin and is a highly recommended upgrade. I’ve been using the alphas and betas for quite some time and it’s been working great. 🙂

And for those not familiar with Bad Behavior, it’s a first line of defense anti-spam plugin. It doesn’t check comments or anything like that to see if they are spam, rather it attempts to block spam bots from ever accessing your site in the first place. It does this by examining the request headers and such and is very accurate. It’s not replacement for Spam Karma 2 or Akismet (which should be used in conjunction with Bad Behavior), but it spots the recent spam screens for those plugins from filling up with tons and tons of spam as well as stopping bots from harvesting e-mail addresses, etc. and using up your bandwidth.

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