“Casino Royale”

Wow, Casino Royale was totally awesome! I went and saw it this evening and was very impressed.

I had previously seen Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and he was amazing in that, so I had high hopes for this new Bond flick. He didn’t dissapoint.

There was sadly as major lack of gadgets and car vs. car chases, but that’s okay as there were some great foot chases as well as single car chases. There was also great character development (unlike many previous titles) and just the right amount of violence (not overdoing it, but Bond still kicking ass).

Sadly, there were no mostly naked girls in the opening credits, a tradition for over 30 years now! The title song was quite good though (sung by the lead singer of Audioslave).

Anyway, since I’m poor with words and tired of writing, I’ll sum it up: go see it, you won’t be disappointed. It was the best Bond movie since Goldeneye by far in my opinion and is probably easily one of my top 5 Bond movies.

I can’t wait until Bond #22 when we have Craig with R and all the gadgets. It’ll be seriously kickass. 😀

11 thoughts on ““Casino Royale”

  1. Still, it was a great movie. There were a couple of spots where the movie could have ended and it would have been a good movie, but where it ended made it a great movie. I really liked the foot chase sequence near the beginning through the construction site. Amazing sequence.

  2. Just saw it and loved it as well. Although it was a bit long. I loved the opening credits, the cards and Mandelbrots.

    The free running was cool, as were the other obvious “hat-tips” to modern pop-culture.

    We could have done with fewer Sony product placements

  3. I never really got into the bond movies, probably because current special effects and action movies spoiled me, but Casino Royale was amazing. A-mazing. I couldn’t find any movie mistakes so it must be good 🙂

  4. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time for a Bond to get married. Last time it just didn’t last very long…

    Still, for me Casiono Royale was one of the best Bonds.

  5. …one more thing occured to me. There are only two commentators using Internet Exploder, and only two commentators who disliked this last Bond.

    Hmm… 😉

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