Man Do I Love Google!

Last night, I signed up for Google to handle my e-mail as well as let me sign into Google Talk with my domain name. It’s all thanks to the incredibly cool (but not really new) Google Apps for Your Domain. I only get 2 gigs of space (rather than the ever increasing space of regular GMail), but I get their awesome spam protection, GMail interface (with my own logo), threaded replies, catchall support, etc. Not to mention that I can have up to 100 e-mail addresses, so if my normal one ever actually gets full, I can just make a new one and forward everything to it.

Way cool.

7 thoughts on “Man Do I Love Google!

  1. I got HR to switch my mail settings for free a few months back. It’s been pretty rock solid for me. The calendar works well too. One tip, if you haven’t done so already, is to make a redirect on your main site; for me (at least) it’s one thing less to remember.

    Unfortunately, you don’t get or, and I don’t think they’ve implemented Sender Framework Policy yet… still, pretty sweet.

  2. You say:
    Didn’t anyone ever tell you that Internet Explorer is poor and insecure?
    May I suggest trying an alternate browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera? 🙂
    Didn’t anyone tell you that styling yourself after a fictional character from the cold war who has been given a government sanction to kill maim torture and destroy property at whim makes you look poor and insecure?
    May I suggest an alternative role mode, such as Mahatma Ghandi or Nelson Mandela? 🙂
    I would be willing to bet an awful lot that this comment won’t make it to the page

  3. That was the world’s worst comeback, and kind of reinforced my point. It didn’t exactly address the central nub of the point which was that there is an inherent contradiction involved in being anti-Microsoft and pro-Bond.

    Did it ever occur to you that M is far more likely to send Bond in to kill Torvalds or Stallman that to kill Gates or Ballmer?

  4. I’m not anti-Microsoft. I’m on Windows and I love it. I’m just anti insecure, exploitable, feature-less, and buggy IE6.

    And why are you debating about a fictional character? Who cares about that?

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