Yes, My Site Is Finally Back Online

Sorry for it taking so damn long. I’ve been really, really lazy lately when it comes to WordPress development, plugins, and especially my site (as you could probably tell). Playing a ton of World of Warcraft (my character can be found here) doesn’t help either and any free time left over from that is devoted to the odds and ends paid work that I do.

So yeah, everything should be back and working now including the forums. Let me know if not.

EDIT: Apparently the sidebar goes all goofy when the comment form is there. I haven’t a clue why (it used to work) and frankly, nor do I really care right now. This blog is pretty dead anyway, at least for now…

EDIT 8/20: Did a database server switch, so had a day or two of downtime while that happened. All is good now. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Yes, My Site Is Finally Back Online

  1. what’s the name of the plugin that show which OS/browser is used by the guest (under the comments)??

    sorry for my english……

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