5 thoughts on “EA Responds To Water-Walking Bug In Tiger Woods Video Game

  1. Hi Viper:

    That’s an awesome comeback by EA! That was really funny and cool. And thanks for the great WordPress plugin. I’ve just uploaded it last week and am checking it out. As for Dr Pepper, I used to get through a fair few cans of that stuff too. More of a Pepsi guy now though.



  2. Hi Viper,

    I cannot load the video in IE 7. I updated my flash player plugin today, so this should not be the reason. Is there any configuration setting in internet settings I possibly set wrong?

    Initially everything looks fine, then I click on the play button and it seems to load but at this stage he keeps. The circles are moving and moving but no video appears. A friend (and also some of the comments here in the blog) said that it works finde in their IEs.

    I have Windows Vista – it came with my new notebook last week.

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