High-Pitched Noise Over Speakers When Moving Mouse

I had a problem and found the solution, so I’m posting incase anyone Googles and come across this. 😉

Ever since I formatted my computer, I’d hear a constant high-pitched sound coming out of my headphones (very faint) and it’d change in pitch every time I moved my mouse. Turns out muting my line-in in my sound control panel fixed it. Some type of interference I guess.

Hope this helps anyone having the same problem.

83 thoughts on “High-Pitched Noise Over Speakers When Moving Mouse

  1. I had the same issue, different cause and fix. I have a USB splitter (takes 4 USB inputs and supplies them to one USB port on the PC) I had both my speakers and mouse plugged in through this device, and the mouse was creating feedback to the speakers. Simply swapped another device with the mouse and gave the mouse it’s own port on the PC. Hope this helps someone.

    • Thank you! I have had that issue for almost a year now and it was driving me mad! I, too, have a USB splitter and swapping the ports worked for me as well. No more incessant high-pitched squealing when I move the mouse around now.

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