High-Pitched Noise Over Speakers When Moving Mouse

I had a problem and found the solution, so I’m posting incase anyone Googles and come across this. 😉

Ever since I formatted my computer, I’d hear a constant high-pitched sound coming out of my headphones (very faint) and it’d change in pitch every time I moved my mouse. Turns out muting my line-in in my sound control panel fixed it. Some type of interference I guess.

Hope this helps anyone having the same problem.

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  1. I had the high pitched but faint noise when I moved my mouse when I upgraded to 8.1, read some of the comments and others..got to thinking about the interference issues. Plugged my mouse on an usb port on the front of the desktop away from the usb speakers…and no more noise. So plug the speaker and mouse as far apart as you can.

    • Thank you for the idea! It didn’t work for me quite as you recommended but then I remembered I have spare phone charger with usb port and plugged it into that and it’s totally quiet now! I was about to loose my mind listening to those odd sounds.

  2. I’ve dealt with this problem FOREVER and finally got the point to where I couldn’t take it anymore. Seems my problem was the opposite though. My high pitched noise was constant but only when I had a browser open and it would stop when I moved my mouse.


    Cut the damn ground plugs off the monitor power cables. Simple as that.

  3. REMOVE GROUND PINS FROM MONITOR POWER CABLES!!! This was driving me nuts since I purchased a new Acer PC with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. I have Rokit 5 powered monitors with a Steinberg Ci 1 audio interface as well as a FocusRite Scarelett 18i20. I was getting the constant hum as well as a buzz when moving the mouse and when pages loaded on a browser. Have seen many suggestions changing setting in the BIOS as well as muting various inputs/outputs in Windows. Tried those with no success leaving the cutting off of the ground pins ’till last. Low and behold….it was the monitor’s power cable ground pins.

  4. Let me tell U my problem solver.
    As I use usb hub for a mouse/keyboard connection, each time I move the mouse is was u-u-u-u-uh. So plugged the mouse directly to the PC back USB port. All went as quite as I wanted to be. (Not the clock on the wall :))

    • Not sure why I didn’t think of this in the first place, but plugging mine into the back instead of the front completely fixed the problem, thanks <3

  5. i fikst it with my headphones it has its own volume control en i turnt it down as far as possible so the beep isn’t that loud anymore en turn the volume of your pc on max
    the beep is still there buth you don’t hear it anymore

  6. USB powered Speaker Noise SOLUTION!! Simple, use a spare phone charger to power it instead of the computer usb port. Not all phone chargers have a cord that plugs into a usb port on the charger but most do these days. It stopped all of the maddening electrical noises.

  7. Just wanted to send my solution as well, I used everything possible, including disabling all jacks but the ones I use, 3rd party software, updating drivers…My speakers are some mini speakers with USB+Audio Jack, and I had both of them plugged in the motherboard rear panel. What solved it is plugging the USB in the front panel (case panel). Sure, it takes up one of my readily accessible USB ports, but there are 2 left and I doubt I’ll need more 🙂

  8. Hi everyone. I’we tryed everything on this list. The thing is even if i plug out every single cable out of my computer except the power cable i still here a whining noise. The noise is louder when i write on my keyboard, using the mouse, clicking with the mouse etc. Please help! 😛 I have an Acer Aspire XC-705

  9. here is something that did solve the problem for me….

    right click on the small speaker down at the bottom right corner, go to ( sounds ) then (playback) then double click (speakers/headphone) then (advanced) then check if the sample rate is set at any value larger than 24 bit 48000hz click (restore defaults). dont ask why .. ! i dont know .. obviously its something related to frequencies interference.

    excuse my english .. but i thought i had to share this with you as i was going to throw my new dell out of the window when that happened (pitched noise when moving the wireless mouse while playing music)


  10. Solved this! I had also this frustrating problem of coming out very high pitched sound fro my mini speakers that were working fine normally and suddenly started producing high sound on mouse or keyboard movement even if the volume is turned to zero in my pc.

    I switched out the usb and lead of speaker from rear of my cpu to front panel and let the mouse stay at the back and now there is no more problem. It is working fine.

  11. Solved this by turning off mic monitoring in xonar DG settings. Sound came from mouse movement and occasionally blinking HDD panel led

  12. On SB Audigy 2 ZS: Tried play UFO1 and got snap-sounds on my headphones when moving mouse.

    Fixed on Win10 by selecting “speakers” from windows’ bottom bar, and switching from “SPDIF out” to “Speakers”. No snappings!

  13. Wow, I have been struggling with this noise for a very long time and always assumed it was something with my monitor because I once had to replace the capacitors on the board inside the monitor to fix a black screen. My thinking was that it was starting to go again, but after reading this forum it occurred to me that I should try some of the simple things first. What ultimately did it for me was simply moving the USB mouse from the back panel to the front and away the sound went! We often overlook the obvious, thanks for all of the solutions!

  14. Make sure to maximize the PC volume (70%-100%), and reduce the volume control on the speaker unit until the normal audio is acceptable and the interference is eliminated: This worked for me to reduce the extraneous sound interference from moving the mouse and/or the monitor.

    • i also found recently that having a usb interface plugged in with mics plug in but off, or mic cables in with no mics in them, cause the squeal from keyboard and mouse use or movement.
      either unplugging the usb audio interface, moving the keyboard, mouse, and speakers or monitors, all to grounded ports or off the same grounded port will remove all squeal.
      if you want to keep the audio interface plugged in, mute the line-in like the person above had done. either solve the same issue of the mics and cables out in the open while plugged into the computer. allowing possible loss in grounding.

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