High-Pitched Noise Over Speakers When Moving Mouse

I had a problem and found the solution, so I’m posting incase anyone Googles and come across this. 😉

Ever since I formatted my computer, I’d hear a constant high-pitched sound coming out of my headphones (very faint) and it’d change in pitch every time I moved my mouse. Turns out muting my line-in in my sound control panel fixed it. Some type of interference I guess.

Hope this helps anyone having the same problem.

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  1. It sounds like the classic CPU RF interference problem. I have it with my laptop, and there’s a number of factors involved (poor quality switching power supply, my CPU leaking Radio Frequency interference into surrounding circuitry and a poorly shielded audio interface).

    I found if I isolated my power supply from the ground – effectively lifting the earth, a pretty dodgy thing to do safety-wise – the noise all but disappeared. However, it can happen with many, MANY onboard chipsets on desktop motherboards, and there’s little you can do sometimes. However, consider changing the power supply if you have a budget unit inside the machine.

    Also, make sure your PC, audio equipment is all on a common ground – this can help. Also, try running your PC through a UPS (which will filter the incoming mains AC and generate its own, far purer, AC current).

    It’s a bugger trying to get these sounds to go away though! I’ve known people to drive copper stakes into their garden (literally, earthing directly) and setting up an entirely isolated ringmain just for their audio equipment…

    • I’m on a UPS, it’s an old Audigy 2 ZS audio card (not onboard), and an Antec NeoPower 650W PSU from a few years back.

      Oddly it didn’t do any of this pre-format, although I was using the basic Creative drivers from Windows Update at the time of this post.

    • Had this problem with my dell latitude laptop. Found that it only happened when the power supply was plugged in. Connected power supply via my UPS and the whistle is gone. Many thanks.

  2. Curious. Have you tried the kX Drivers? I think they’re compatible with the outboard Audigy 2… (I have a PCI Audigy 2 Value, it’s never let me down all these years and its ASIO performance is outstanding with the kX drivers! I’m using the ProFX drivers for better I/O but I used stock kX for years with no complaints).

    Muting the Line In, if you’ve got nothing plugged in, sounds like the RF intereference from your CPU’s still leaking into the circuit somewhere – or you have an unbalanced circuit somewhere, a loaded capacitor or something. (has your signal flow changed outside of the ZS at all? Any impedance imbalances?)

    Have you tried just plugging in any old device into the Line In, even if it’s turned off, and seeing if the noise persists?

  3. !! Solution Ahead !!

    Well that was a frustrating day so I wanted to go ahead and post what finally worked for me in all the places I’ve looked.

    So I head this annoying problem of hum / buzz / hiss / high pitch computer noise whenever I had HD activity or scroll the screen with the mouse.

    I have:
    Cakewalk UA-1G USB Audio Interface (Soundcard)
    M-Audio BX5a Monitors

    The noise was happening only when the USB cable from the soundcard was connected through the computer.

    I have tried most of the things I’ve read (luckily I had everything needed):
    (Non of these helped)
    – Mute every input source (Mic, line-in, etc)
    – Disable onboard sound
    – Connect the USB sound card to an external, self powered USB hub
    – Installed a PCI USB card in connected the USB sound card to it
    – Connect the ground from a USB cable directly to a wall ground (tried a cable tv and AC outlets to no use)
    – Different BIOS settings (Spread Spectrum, Voltages, IRQ, etc)
    – Different software settings (From windows and from the UA-1G interface)

    The only thing that worked:

    –> Disconnect the ground from the speakers!

    For me it was easy as I had cables which had ground connectors for a different region which uses a male ground pin from the power outlet. Here were I live we use a female ground pin in the outlet so the cable I happen to have had only 2 PINs and therefore practically disconnected the ground from the speakers outlets.

    Silence, finally! 🙂

    The phenomena is called ‘Ground Loop’ or ‘Earth Loop’ AFAIK, since for me it got resolved and I didn’t care having the speakers not grounded I didn’t continue to research the subject.

    Just for your information, next on my list of things to try were:
    1. Hum eliminators
    2. Balanced cables (which my monitors support but my Audio Interface didn’t)

    Hope this help and saves someone time,

    Best of luck


    • Wow. I can’t believe that actually worked. I even upgraded components (soundcard, PSU) to make the mouse sound go away. The solution was to remove the ground. I used a cheap “ground lift” adapter and voila! Thanks for the tip.

    • wow, man you are amazing! thank you!!!! i tried everything and nothing worked spent so much money, took the mobo to a service, new psu, diffrent speakers. re wiring. grounding the case. but this did the trick… i love you!

    • I culd just abaout kiss you, that noise was driving me nuts. Covering the earthing strips on the (eu) plug, that was sitting in a earthless socket any way, did the trick. Thank you.

  4. Just bought new monitors (mackies) and connected them via M-audio’s fasttrack PRO’s TRS … Imagine my surprise when I move my F*#¤%ing mouse IT SOUNDS!!!? … I started to check every cable and every settings like prev posters… MADNESS, At last I googled “my speakers making noise when i move my mouse” came here, saw the post anbout Powersuply-trolling and when i disconected that mtfcking eliminator .. the sounds was gone…. I dont know If i hate Asus shitty shit more than i love google!

  5. I had a serious problem with that. I just pulled the u-ground pins on my behringer monitors and it went away completely. What a pain in the ass.

    • i got the same problem with a pair of ESI near 8 monitors ( using 1 meter trs to xlr cables (70 euro each) and Esi Julia Pro card ….i got pich soundwhit anything that moves on screen… i dont know if its my cpu , fan or psu, problem and i cant start changing every part to see whats wrong.. the only thing i did tried and it seems that worked : i removed everything from the case and boot the pc without the case… just naked… this stoped the coil and the whines and the mouse sounds… all… hmmmm any thoughts?

  6. its fuckinga nnoying cant find where on windows to turn it off,i looked for it by right clicking the peaker icon next to clock and it was already off

  7. I got this problem with KRK monitors when I plugged in M-Audio Audiophile USB through some USB hub. There is no noise when I plug the soundcard directly to USB on the front of the computer.

    • Holy Batshit Robin (happy 80th), I thought I might have to go the route a lot of other people went with this, and then I saw your post and did the same thing; just plugged my soundcard into the front USB port. Gone instantly. I’m so thankful I didn’t waste hours and hundreds of dollars on this. Big thanks six years later 😉

    • As much as I’d like to agree, I have newly come across this problem. I Run Ubuntu 13.10.

      I replaced my broken (775) Motherboard with Asrock G31M-GS R2.0 and bought a very cheap pair of Logitech speakers (110 somethig?) that had an excellent sound for their 14 eur price. They connect to USB (for power) and 3,5mm jack. I first thought that I heard a sound every time I move the cursor, but I actually hear graphics – if anything moves, I hear it. This MoBo has integrated graphics and sound. I also had resolution issues. I know there’s a graphics update for Intel G31 available, which could solve all problems but it’s not automatic and I’m kind of afraid to risk the well being of a brand new mobo. How risky would it be anyway?

  8. For macbook users: unplug you powersupply… also: buy a volume knob like the one from sm audio “nano patch” it converts the unbalanced signal to a balanced one, so no more humm or high pitched noise.

  9. I have the same problem. My monitors are a pair of Yamaha MSP5’s, my soundcard is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14. I’m not technically minded and the terms being used in the above replies are a bit daunting. I never had this problem with my JBL’s,

    • Can someone explain how to do this in basic terms please, I am not technically minded at all, what I do know is this high pitch started on Sunday, I have heard it in the past off and on, I thought it was coming from a neighbors house. I am literally starting to feel nausea from it though, my daughter is as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dani B

  10. Just wanted to say thanks. In my particular case lifting the ground on both my speakers solved it. Definitely a ground loop. My set up has an ESI Juli@ and KRK Rokit 6 monitors. I’m not using balanced cables but I probably should anyway.

  11. Go to Control Panel/ Hardware and sounds/sound/manage audio devices.
    Click on Speakers then Properties, then Levels and disable Front Mic.

    Worked for me!

  12. I had this problem on a minimal Ubuntu 13.10 install, with little USB-powered speakers. None of the above worked for me, but plugging the USB cable into a self-powered Hub solved it!

  13. i got the same problem with a pair of ESI near 8 monitors ( using 1 meter trs to xlr cables (70 euro each) and Esi Julia Pro card ….i got pich soundwhit anything that moves on screen… i dont know if its my cpu , fan or psu, problem and i cant start changing every part to see whats wrong.. the only thing i did tried and it seems that worked : i removed everything from the case and boot the pc without the case… just naked… this stoped the coil and the whines and the mouse sounds… all… hmmmm any thoughts?

  14. Heey,
    Same problem here. —–SOLVED—–

    The problem was as followed:
    When the usb connector from my interface touched ANY metal electric part on my computer you heard THE noise, annoying high tone and
    ” crackling / buzzing / humming ” sound when clicking mouse or actually any computer input hardware usage (keyboard/mouse).


    First response
    Started crying cuz I wanted to hear “Warren Zevon – My Shit’s Fucked Up”
    just a tiny mental cry though
    so some think-work later

    Plug monitors (or speakers w/e) into a different electric socket
    (doesnt work? Try a socket on the other side of your room, which is not connected to the same electrical circuit)

    personal theory
    high volt/watt usage in one “multiple socket unit” leads to tiny electrical interference in the unit and computers electrical parts
    when creating a electrical circle like:
    multiple socket->computer->(usb)audio interface->(jack-plug)monitors->multiple socket
    I guess the interference gets amplified by the monitors

    Hope this helps
    Love and Kind regards

  15. Recently upgraded my PC. Start getting the noisy problem. Moving mouse generate more noise. Even unplug the mouse, the hum, hiss sound still there. The only different than the old system is just replace MB and CPU. Everything else remains the same. I even try replace a new PSU, Noise still there. The MB is Asus A88X-pro and CPU is AMD A10-7850k. I tried the other MB (Asus F2A85-M Pro with A10-6800K). The sound output dead silent when no audio signal input. My conclusion is poor MB design. My suggestion is to replace different model MB. Don’t get the same model that has known problem.

  16. I’m wondering if using unbalanced cables might be part of the problem? A lot of the users here are using powered monitors, through a USB soundcard.
    I’m using unbalanced cables and I hear anytime there is white moving on the screen.

  17. I has this exactly same problem with brand new Mackie monitors and Phonic mixer setup. After hours of research I did as suggested in one of the replies: I cut off ground from the outlet (remote controlled) that powers my monitors. And voilà! No more disturbing noises and crackling from screen/mouse. I guess there was a ground loop then.

  18. I had the high pitched but faint noise when I moved my mouse when I upgraded to 8.1, read some of the comments and others..got to thinking about the interference issues. Plugged my mouse on an usb port on the front of the desktop away from the usb speakers…and no more noise. So plug the speaker and mouse as far apart as you can.

    • Thank you for the idea! It didn’t work for me quite as you recommended but then I remembered I have spare phone charger with usb port and plugged it into that and it’s totally quiet now! I was about to loose my mind listening to those odd sounds.

  19. I’ve dealt with this problem FOREVER and finally got the point to where I couldn’t take it anymore. Seems my problem was the opposite though. My high pitched noise was constant but only when I had a browser open and it would stop when I moved my mouse.


    Cut the damn ground plugs off the monitor power cables. Simple as that.

  20. REMOVE GROUND PINS FROM MONITOR POWER CABLES!!! This was driving me nuts since I purchased a new Acer PC with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. I have Rokit 5 powered monitors with a Steinberg Ci 1 audio interface as well as a FocusRite Scarelett 18i20. I was getting the constant hum as well as a buzz when moving the mouse and when pages loaded on a browser. Have seen many suggestions changing setting in the BIOS as well as muting various inputs/outputs in Windows. Tried those with no success leaving the cutting off of the ground pins ’till last. Low and behold….it was the monitor’s power cable ground pins.

  21. Let me tell U my problem solver.
    As I use usb hub for a mouse/keyboard connection, each time I move the mouse is was u-u-u-u-uh. So plugged the mouse directly to the PC back USB port. All went as quite as I wanted to be. (Not the clock on the wall :))

    • Not sure why I didn’t think of this in the first place, but plugging mine into the back instead of the front completely fixed the problem, thanks <3

  22. i fikst it with my headphones it has its own volume control en i turnt it down as far as possible so the beep isn’t that loud anymore en turn the volume of your pc on max
    the beep is still there buth you don’t hear it anymore

  23. USB powered Speaker Noise SOLUTION!! Simple, use a spare phone charger to power it instead of the computer usb port. Not all phone chargers have a cord that plugs into a usb port on the charger but most do these days. It stopped all of the maddening electrical noises.

  24. Just wanted to send my solution as well, I used everything possible, including disabling all jacks but the ones I use, 3rd party software, updating drivers…My speakers are some mini speakers with USB+Audio Jack, and I had both of them plugged in the motherboard rear panel. What solved it is plugging the USB in the front panel (case panel). Sure, it takes up one of my readily accessible USB ports, but there are 2 left and I doubt I’ll need more 🙂

  25. Hi everyone. I’we tryed everything on this list. The thing is even if i plug out every single cable out of my computer except the power cable i still here a whining noise. The noise is louder when i write on my keyboard, using the mouse, clicking with the mouse etc. Please help! 😛 I have an Acer Aspire XC-705

  26. here is something that did solve the problem for me….

    right click on the small speaker down at the bottom right corner, go to ( sounds ) then (playback) then double click (speakers/headphone) then (advanced) then check if the sample rate is set at any value larger than 24 bit 48000hz click (restore defaults). dont ask why .. ! i dont know .. obviously its something related to frequencies interference.

    excuse my english .. but i thought i had to share this with you as i was going to throw my new dell out of the window when that happened (pitched noise when moving the wireless mouse while playing music)


  27. Solved this! I had also this frustrating problem of coming out very high pitched sound fro my mini speakers that were working fine normally and suddenly started producing high sound on mouse or keyboard movement even if the volume is turned to zero in my pc.

    I switched out the usb and lead of speaker from rear of my cpu to front panel and let the mouse stay at the back and now there is no more problem. It is working fine.

  28. Solved this by turning off mic monitoring in xonar DG settings. Sound came from mouse movement and occasionally blinking HDD panel led

  29. On SB Audigy 2 ZS: Tried play UFO1 and got snap-sounds on my headphones when moving mouse.

    Fixed on Win10 by selecting “speakers” from windows’ bottom bar, and switching from “SPDIF out” to “Speakers”. No snappings!

  30. Wow, I have been struggling with this noise for a very long time and always assumed it was something with my monitor because I once had to replace the capacitors on the board inside the monitor to fix a black screen. My thinking was that it was starting to go again, but after reading this forum it occurred to me that I should try some of the simple things first. What ultimately did it for me was simply moving the USB mouse from the back panel to the front and away the sound went! We often overlook the obvious, thanks for all of the solutions!

  31. Make sure to maximize the PC volume (70%-100%), and reduce the volume control on the speaker unit until the normal audio is acceptable and the interference is eliminated: This worked for me to reduce the extraneous sound interference from moving the mouse and/or the monitor.

    • i also found recently that having a usb interface plugged in with mics plug in but off, or mic cables in with no mics in them, cause the squeal from keyboard and mouse use or movement.
      either unplugging the usb audio interface, moving the keyboard, mouse, and speakers or monitors, all to grounded ports or off the same grounded port will remove all squeal.
      if you want to keep the audio interface plugged in, mute the line-in like the person above had done. either solve the same issue of the mics and cables out in the open while plugged into the computer. allowing possible loss in grounding.

  32. I got a high end hi fi system. and i notice that my Logitech G900 mouse is generating a lot of noise on my speakers. Even if the soundcard is disconnected. I dont have this issue if i use XLR balanced cables. and also the problem reduces it self if i reduce the refresh rate. on 1000 its a anoing high computer pitch if move the mouse while on 125 its mainly only background noise. so i suspect my audio cable is some kind of receiver resulting in the artifacts. if i put the mouse on a usb cable it dissapears. so a part of a issue can be that the audio cable it self is a attena receiving your mouse data communication.

  33. I had the high pitched tone as well, having it at all times regardless of MAC or PC selected. Turns out my Corsair keyboard was causing it when I have the red LED’s lit on the keyboard. Turned them off and sound went away.

    Annoying, but at least I have a way to get rid of the sound, so you might want to check you keyboard feedback on the USB keyboard. I haven’t tried to run the mouse directly to the KVM, that might help also.


  34. I have the same problem, obviously. I notice the pitch frequency changed when using my WACOM tablet as mouse pad. So it must be some weird interference. My solution that IMO is 100% guaranteed ro work is to use a wireless mouse. No USB cable = no ground look or cable interference.

  35. I may have found a solution, at least here on my Dell 8910
    It appears to be the data stream coming from the mouse, a pulse stream signal that can be seen with a virtual oscilloscope (Zelscope).
    So . . . I removed the mouse from the front panel, and reinstalled on the rear panel.
    Amazingly, it actually works!

    My guess is that the signal input from the front panel jack is within physical proximity of being modulated from this data stream . . . in essence, it becomes an antenna.

    Anyway, try removing your mic in from the front panel, and reinstall on the rear panel.
    Good luck . . .

  36. hello, I have read a lot of the comments here, but I am still unsure as to how solve my problem: I have an MSI gaming laptop (GF65 thin 9SEXR). I get the little screeching sounds ONLY when moving the wireless Logitech G502 mouse. NOT when using the touche pad, AND the noise DISAPPEARS when I unplug the power supply (on battery is just fine then). So my question would be, how to isolate / “lift” the power supply from the ground, as I read it here, if that could actually work ? Any other advice would be appreciated of course. I must add that it is barely audible, but I have a keen ear 😉 There are only two classic USB ports on the laptop and both are noisy (and next to each other for that matter)

  37. I have the same problem as the first OP said, and to be honest… i have a pretty good laptop but that doesn’t matter. But i can’t find a solution. Ok so i have an HP Pavilion Gaming, i7 (9th gen). ( Bang & Olufsen speakers)
    I hope someone knows how to fix this. The problem is this : when i’m using my mouse (Logitech G603) i hear a high pitched noise coming either from the speakers or it’s being synchronized with the fans, and even if i unplug it the problem still persists with the trackpad. Please someone help me with this im concerned if it happened something

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