Viper Wheel Removal

Viper Wheel Removed

I took both right wheels off my car today. It was a lot harder than it sounds due to the super low clearance of the car — only about 5 inches between the ground and the frame! After a lot of work, it’s now sitting on wood blocks.

Tomorrow I’ll be using Plasti Dip temporary spray paint to paint the wheels as a mockup to see if I like the blacked out wheel look. I’m strongly considering getting them all powder coated black and this is a good way to see if I like it. Plati Dip is a rubber-like paint that peels off if I want it to. While meant for things like tools, it has a huge following in the automotive world, especially for things like wheels.

For scale, that piece of wood is 6 inches wide (it’s a 4×6″). Yes, it’s a massive tire!

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  1. Hi Alex, I Just read your post about your Viper Wheels. You might want to check this out. ALSA Paint has a product for exactly what you are doing. It’s a liquid version of common vinyl lettering. So you can peel it off if you want to change the color…and it comes in hundreds of colors. My company has used it in the past for protection (and for other applications) and it’s great.


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