Punctured Tire

Last week I drove my Viper to Automattic‘s annual grand meetup in Park City, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. On the way home I was apparently unlucky enough to puncture my tire but thankfully it wasn’t bad enough to quickly deflate because I made it home safe. It was only a few days later when I went to wash all of the bugs off my car that I discovered I was way down on air.

Turns out this was the little bugger that caused me all the headache:


Grr. Thankfully America’s Tire fixes tires for free, even Viper ones, so I was good to go in about an hour.

Viper Wheel Removal

Viper Wheel Removed

I took both right wheels off my car today. It was a lot harder than it sounds due to the super low clearance of the car — only about 5 inches between the ground and the frame! After a lot of work, it’s now sitting on wood blocks.

Tomorrow I’ll be using Plasti Dip temporary spray paint to paint the wheels as a mockup to see if I like the blacked out wheel look. I’m strongly considering getting them all powder coated black and this is a good way to see if I like it. Plati Dip is a rubber-like paint that peels off if I want it to. While meant for things like tools, it has a huge following in the automotive world, especially for things like wheels.

For scale, that piece of wood is 6 inches wide (it’s a 4×6″). Yes, it’s a massive tire!