Hospital, Day 21

Today marks the 21st day of being in the hospital for leukemia. I’m feeling much better than that week before I checked into the ER but the weekly chemo drugs they give me can really zap my energy. Thankfully they pre-drug me to counter the effects, but there’s only so much you can do to keep yourself busy.

I’ve been watching lots of TV and thanks to about 15 amazing friends, I have a gaming laptop and HTC Vive VR headset to keep me busy when I have the energy and mental togetherness.

Lots of awesome friends and family have been making sure I have everything I need, so really it’s just waiting game based on test results. If all goes well, I could be getting out of here in a little more than 2 weeks! Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “Hospital, Day 21

  1. Take care, my friend. If you need anything I’m . . . well I still hate the entire damned state of Oregon, but for a good enough reason I will put on my big boy pants and drive my happy ass up there and bring it to you. Not even joking.

    Take care.

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