Hospital, Day 23

I had a bone marrow biopsy done on Tuesday and the results came back today saying that the current chemotherapy treatment hasn’t been as effective as hoped. I came into the hospital at about 95% infection and my oncologist had hoped to see it down to as low as 5% now (they’re aggressively treating it) but unfortunately it’s still around 50%.

While not good news, it’s not really bad news either. It’s just news and means a change in chemo regiment. Rather than my weekly chemo treatments, I’ll be getting different chemo drugs starting tomorrow for 3 days and then mostly nothing for 3 weeks. These new drugs are stronger and have more potential side effects but like before, the nurses can preemptively counter and monitor those.

Unfortunately this also means at least an additional week in the hospital on top of the two weeks I already had to go. That’s probably the part that sucks the most honestly. It sucks being cooped up in the hospital, even with Netflix and video games. The food is fine, but I’m getting sick of eating the same things and there’s rules about outside foods due to risk of infection.

One day at a time though. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Hospital, Day 23

  1. On the plus side, that’s a 40% infection reduction. I’ll take that as a win. You’re almost there buddy. Hopefully the new regimen does the trick and you’ll be home soon having kicked this thing in the teeth.

    You’ve got this Alex.

  2. Alex, we are so proud of you and the courage you are showing in beating this cancer. We believe too that you can beat this and in the end it will make you a much stronger man. Keep doing all that you are to follow doctors orders and remember that there are whole lot of people pulling for you including us!!

  3. Alex, I know you don’t know me, but I came across this (your) blog after reading about Syntax Highlighter Evolved. My wife worked for many years in pediatric oncology and I can certainly sympathize with you and all of the chemo treatments you’ve had to endure. I don’t wish that upon anyone. Stay strong and power through!

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