Today marked the completion of my 34th trip around the sun.

I spent the day at home due to fatigue and just generally not feeling great due to this latest IV medication I’m on. One of my sisters was able to make it down from near Seattle though which was a cool surprise!

Here’s hoping my health issues are behind me when 35 rolls around. I certainly didn’t expect to still be dealing with this crap at this point.

5 thoughts on “34

  1. Happy belated b-day Alex – Hoping you are feeling up to celebrate soon with a ride to the left coast siesta for a burrito! Kind of wishing i was on the coast right now with all this heat.

  2. Hoping you’re feeling better you been through hell and back still watching you love you always I get to do my own biopsy on Thursday at OSHU And I have to be awake for it I’m not looking forward to it but if you can do it I can do it

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