Cancer Free (Again)

Last week I was told the great news that I’m once again cancer free! This marks the third time I’ve heard this news after my initial diagnosis and then my relapse.

The Blinatumomab did its job after two 28 day home infusions, but it made me feel absolutely horrible in the process. Extreme fatigue, nausea, and more. Thankfully pretty much as soon as I was disconnected from it, all of that went away and I’m back to my new normal. I lost a ton of muscle mass during all of this so things like stairs are still hard but I’m getting there.

Additionally I’m in the process of returning to work. My vision issues are still a huge problem however. I have to use larger text and I still haven’t driven since about April.

Still, it feels good to be back to my normal-ish self. Let’s just hope I stay this way this time!

22 thoughts on “Cancer Free (Again)

  1. Alex I’m so glad to read this. Sorry for not being in touch but you’re in my thoughts often and I’m very happy with this news!

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