Cancer Update For January 2019

Just a quick update on my cancer saga since it’s been over a month since my last update.

My liver continues to be agitated due to my donor immune system attacking it (graft-versus-host disease). As a result, I’m on steroids to suppress my immune system a bit. However as the infusion I was going to go onto makes use of my immune system to fight the cancer, steroids are counteractive to it.

It’s a balancing act of keeping the GvHD and cancer in check.

So I actually never ended up going on the infusion which was great news for me! In previous rounds, it made me feel like complete crap and that was the last thing I wanted for the holidays. Instead my oncologist increased the dose of the anti-cancer medication that I’m on in order to keep the trace amounts of cancer under control. Blood lab tests have been showing that it’s working which is good news.

All this means that I feel pretty normal, except for some weakness if my major muscles due to the steroids. I’m now in a wait-and-see mode where we keep an eye on things and react as needed to any changes.

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