My Cancer Just Won’t Give Up

Whelp, my latest Bcr-Abl blood test came back slightly positive for leukemia again. This means at least another round of the 28 day infusion of specialized medication that makes me feel like absolute crap. Hopefully I’m able to continue to work despite the fatigue.

I also had an appointment with my opthoneurologist (eye doctor) on Thursday. The good news is that my vision hasn’t really gotten worse and no further damage is being done, but the bad news is that the damage was done and it’s permanent. Things aren’t likely to get worse, but they also won’t get better.

Lots of crappy news, but it is what it is I guess. Nothing I can do about it, so not worth worrying about it much.

11 thoughts on “My Cancer Just Won’t Give Up

  1. Alex, You have never met me, but I played volleyball with your dad and Brenda for years, and your dad worked with my husband
    at Freightliner years ago. I want you to know that I have been praying for you daily for over three years now. I am praying for your
    strength and peace. It’s so difficult and angering what that beast does!!!! It rears its ugly head again and again….like Whack-a -Mole.
    Anyway, my prayer this week for you has been from Psalm 50:15 that you will turn to the Lord in your trouble, and the Lord will deliver you. You are a fighter and your positive attitude will prevail. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. I am continuing to pray that
    you prove the doctors wrong and that your sight will be restored completely. I truly cannot wait to meet you someday. I am also
    praying for your mom, Jennifer, and then Tom and Brenda, too. Be strong and take heart!!! Hugs, Christine Edwardsen

  2. Just keep it up you’re a hell of a fighter I just saw your dad last night and we were talking about you all good I might see you on Thursday he said when you come up to the hospital because I’ll be in the hospital dealing with my cancer stay strong keep Fightin love you always uncle David

  3. Hoping this one will do the trick! I was so glad to see you in some fresh photos, finally hanging out with other Automatticians, so I’m really looking forward to seeing you again, and of course, wishing you only the best. Hold on, dude! Get this streak of bad luck behind you, we’re all on your side!

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