From Alex’s Family

Alex was with his family when he passed peacefully earlier today, Wednesday, February 27th. We would like to thank everyone across the globe for their love and support. It meant a lot to us and Alex to hear from so many people. He really enjoyed reading all of the comments, letters, and cards.

We’re so grateful for the time we had with him. He will be missed.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story and yourself with all of us, Alex.

    Alex’s Family, I’m so sorry. My condolences on your loss of this truly remarkable person.

  2. This may seem odd, but I was one of the funeral techs that arrived at this familys home last night to take Alex into our care. Given that he’s around my age, I was curious about his life. I wanted to see if he had an online presence. I did a few hours reading about this incredible guy. All his posts. His strength is stunning. I have been in this industry a while now and been a part of hundreds of house calls and hospice calls. He literally seemed an incredible person and a true loss. I hope to his mother and his sisters my partner and I made it smooth for you, and I can guarantee he’s in good care.

    Rest In Peace, Alex. Thanks for sharing your journey and I hope you are free of pain and problems.


  3. RIP Alex. My condolences to the family.

    I credit Finalgear for helping me build my TG songs collection (I’m glad I could also contribute a little but it’s not even an ounce of what others have done). Thank you Alex for giving us this forum!

  4. I’m saddened by this new. I learned about it earlier today. I grew up with Alex over on the Dieselstation forums dating back damn near 20 years ago, and he was always an amazing person. If there is anything any of us can do, please reach out.

  5. Goodbye, and thanks for all the films.

    Top Gear is such a joy and I would never have gotten the chance to appreciate it if not for Viper007Bond and the rest of the FinalGear family.

  6. Watching TopGear and going through the discussions on Finalgear was the only joy I had during some of the darkest times in my life and for that I will be forever thankful to Alex.
    I am still very upset at the news of his passing even though I never met Alex and talked to him perhaps only once.

    RIP Alex and thank you for all the laughter and happiness you brought in mine and other people’s life.

  7. Very sad to hear this. Always a shock when someone I’ve known for a long time passes, even if we never personally met. I enjoyed his posts at FinalGear and he was always helpful and courteous.

  8. introduced me to the amazing TopGear world since 2008. This website gave me the power to start a fansub group and share it with Chinese motor fans.
    RIP Alex and thank you for all the efforts.

  9. So saddened to hear this news. Thank you Alex, your work in spreading that “pokey motoring show” has given so much to us in the car community across the globe. Rest in peace and sincere condolences to Alex’s family on your loss, thoughts and prayers are with you.

  10. My sincerest condolences to Alex’s family.

    His work and enthusiasm in bringing TopGear to the masses made the world of difference to many people, especially to me, as a UK ex-pat living in Mexico, it made life on the other side of the world all the more bearable. I shall forever be in your debt my friend. I would say RIP, but I’m sure you’ll be RIPping around the clouds like a heavenly Stig!

  11. Alex, thanks for being a part of the WordPress community. Your tools and contributions have helped us a million developers and users, and they’ll be remembered! Rest in peace.

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  13. RIP sir, you have no idea what impact the finalgear forums and indirectly you have had on my life. THANK YOU FOR THAT.
    I’m a mature / grown up person mostly because of amazing community you managed to gather.

    still cant believe all this!!! 🙁

  14. RIP Alex ……… I’m gobsmacked thru and thru ……… my Mum & Dad went suddenly(lucky them not to suffer), without any warning, and only a few years older than you ……… hope there’s truth in an after-life to meet up with everyone again …… my deepest condolences to your beautiful family and friends, from a few of us here in Melbourne Australia

  15. I just knew that Viper has deceased, I didn’t know him personally, but on his forum he was a nice guy. Rest in peace brother car lover.

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  20. I thought I would pop into the site to see if anything was new. I am shocked Alex passed. Always great to chat with. It was cool to see his excitement when he got his viper and all the ups and downs of having a site that millions looked to for a show. His family should be proud. He was a great man and a shame he passed.

  21. I am so sorry to hear about Alex. I have just come across his blog whilst searching for info on Leukemia as I was diagnosed with a rare chronic form a few weeks ago. He sounded like am amazing person. I will add a link to the registry on my blog to help spread the word x

  22. Just logged in after years and so shocked to read this! May your soul rest in peace! It was your site that sparked my passion for Motorsport and many other things like technology and especially Photoshop. I still miss those Photoshop exercises we used to run for fun. I never met Viper but felt a connection through our passions. You will be missed!

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