From Alex’s Family

Alex was with his family when he passed peacefully earlier today, Wednesday, February 27th. We would like to thank everyone across the globe for their love and support. It meant a lot to us and Alex to hear from so many people. He really enjoyed reading all of the comments, letters, and cards.

We’re so grateful for the time we had with him. He will be missed.

174 thoughts on “From Alex’s Family

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  6. It’s been some time already but just wanted to leave a comment that this plugin is useful and thanks to Alex for creating it.

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  8. I am so sorry. I did not find this until a year later when I was visiting the blog. He will be misses by all of us.

  9. Just came here to live my belated (almost 1 year and 6 months over) condolence to Alex while reading about Regenerate Thumbnails plugin in WordPress plugin directory. RIP Bro.

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  11. Just found out that Alex passed away. Sorry to hear such sad news. I have been using his plugins for many year. He will be missed greatly.

  12. Just found out about your exit.

    Thank you for your great work in the WordPress community and the internet space at large. You will be greatly missed.

    May your soul continue to rest in preace.

  13. Alex, you did so well in life and my hope is wherever you are ,you are at peace. You have inspired some us to be better and look life in a different lens.

    May your legacy shine on and your family be healed and contented for the time you really were with us.

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  16. Thanks for contributing to make wp better. He obviously was much more than a coder but this is the only way I knew of him so thank you and hope we all can give a little.

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