Do You Have A Battlefield 2 Account?

If so, I highly advise that you go reserve it for Battlefield 2142. If you don’t, someone else could take your name once it hits stores. 😉


  1. Enter an username / password. If you’ve used the EA Downloader, then that’s the same user system, so use that. Otherwise just make a new account.
  2. Enter your BF2 username / password.
  3. Enter the username you’d like for BF2142. It can be the same as your BF2 name or it can be different. However, it cannot be one that has been registered in BF2. For that, you need to wait until it hits the shelves when all non-registered in BF2142 nicks will be freed up.

Questions? Post here and I bet I can answer them for you. 🙂


As many of you may know, the next installation of Half-Life 2 will be Episode Two. It picks up where Episode One leaves off. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Episode Two, then you can check it out on Steam.

Anyway, Episode Two will come bundled with two games — Team Fortress 2 (teaser trailer available here), the sequel to the hugely popular Half-Life 1 mod Team Fortress, and a game called “Portal”. Portal is a puzzle game of sorts where you are given a gun that allows you to create portals that you can travel through. Frankly, it’s a bit hard to explain, so I suggest you watch the awesome trailer.

You can either download a high resolution version or watch this crappy YouTube quality version:

If you’d like more information about this cool game, check out this great fan site run by a buddy of mine.