San Diego Road Trip Final Route

Just for fun I put together a map of the route I took to San Diego and back on my roadtrip in my Viper. It was long (over 3100 miles!) and gas was expensive ($851.02, 16.3 miles per gallon) but it was 110% worth it. Thanks again to Stephane and Evan for riding shotgun with me on the way down and the way back, respectively. I had a great time!

How To Install An iPod Adapter Kit In A Dodge Viper

Disclaimer: This post is going to be useful to very, very few people but I suspect for those people it will be super helpful, so here we go.

When I bought my 2008 Dodge Viper, it came with the standard type of radio for that time period — a simple radio and CD player. However who the hell listens to CDs anymore? I certainly don’t so I set out to be able to hook my iPhone up to my car.

While I easily found a kit to do this for my Mustang, Vipers are a much rarer car so there are way fewer solutions. That said this same radio is used throughout many different Chrysler Group cars so it may be worth seeing if you can find a kit meant for a different car but the same radio.

I decided to go the official route by using the Mopar iPod Interface Kit (82209616). It was designed for iPods rather than iPhones so it’s not perfect, but we’ll get to that later.

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Fulfilling A 17+ Year Dream

Ever since I was 10 years old (if not longer), I’ve wanted a Dodge Viper. I fell in love with the car as a kid and had models of the car growing up. I even picked my username based on the car. Never did I dream that I would actually own one someday though but thanks to saving for years and having a great job, I finally accomplished my 17+ year dream.

I took delivery of it a week ago and am so happy!

You can find more details as well as video over on the page I have dedicated to the car.