“The Expendables”: A Call To Arms

Gentlemen, it’s time we get out a bit more.

By its 2nd week “Rambo” was beaten by 27 Dresses and Hanna Montana. Stallone ripped a man’s throat out with his bare hands! We can’t let this happen again.

August 13th… Get to dah theatah!!!

Make sure to watch it fullscreen and in HD. 😉


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“Casino Royale”

Wow, Casino Royale was totally awesome! I went and saw it this evening and was very impressed.

I had previously seen Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and he was amazing in that, so I had high hopes for this new Bond flick. He didn’t dissapoint.

There was sadly as major lack of gadgets and car vs. car chases, but that’s okay as there were some great foot chases as well as single car chases. There was also great character development (unlike many previous titles) and just the right amount of violence (not overdoing it, but Bond still kicking ass).

Sadly, there were no mostly naked girls in the opening credits, a tradition for over 30 years now! The title song was quite good though (sung by the lead singer of Audioslave).

Anyway, since I’m poor with words and tired of writing, I’ll sum it up: go see it, you won’t be disappointed. It was the best Bond movie since Goldeneye by far in my opinion and is probably easily one of my top 5 Bond movies.

I can’t wait until Bond #22 when we have Craig with R and all the gadgets. It’ll be seriously kickass. 😀

So I Got To See That Pixar “Cars” Movie

Cars Move Poster

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I got to go see a pre-release of Pixar’s latest movie, “Cars” (official site). My mom got some free tickets from a local radio station and had a spare ticket, so she invited me along.

After seeing the previews and commercials for it, I figured it’d be funny (like most Pixar movies are), but I also figured that it’d be a movie for like 7-12 year old boys, i.e. a kid’s movie. While it is in some respects, it definetly isn’t goofy or retarded. It’s not my favorite Pixar movie, but there’s a definite plot to it and I didn’t get bored at all during the movie.

The visuals were quite stunning, the best to date of Pixar’s films from what I can tell. Makes sense too as it’s the newest. They also pulled off the racing scenes and such really well. I’m guessing it’s pretty hard to show speed and such with CGI, but it turned out good.

Anyway, I give it 9 outta 10 stars. 🙂

Oh, and on a final note, if you go to see it, make sure you stay for the ENTIRE credits. Like all Pixar movies, there’s always fun stuff mixed in with the credits as well as something after the credits. 😉

Movie Reviews

Thought I’d sum up some of the movies that I remember seeing lately:

  • The Aristocrats: the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. Sure, it’s not a real movie, rather a documentary of sorts, but still, I laughed my ass off so hard when I watched this movie. If you don’t mind bad language and that kinda stuff, go see this movie right now!
  • The Island: very kickass movie totally worth seeing. It’s like a realistic and feasable version of the first Matrix movie.
  • Lord of War: not the movie I expected. I thought it was going to an action flick, but it was more a movie on life as a gun dealer. Still a good movie though.
  • Aeon Flux: worth seeing once, but not any more than that. It was kinda boring and they almost tried too hard for it to be futuristic and stuff. Still, getting to watch Charlize Theron is reason enough to see this movie. 😀
  • Four Brothers: awesome movie. Lots of action and some good acting, especially from people you wouldn’t expect it from. Go see it.
  • Serenity: big thumbs up, especially for sci-fi fans. I never saw the TV series (there was a TV series, right?), but I may have to after seeing this movie.
  • Revolver: I had never heard of this movie before seeing it as it’s from the UK, although it’s a Guy Ritchie movie, so that should be enough right there. Sadly, it’s not really. An interesting flick, but it’s confusing as hell and doesn’t even make sense, or at least it didn’t fully for me. Maybe this is one of those movies that you need to watch high…
  • Doom: save your money. It’s decent for an action flick and there’s a twist at the end, but the plot, if you could call it that, blew and the first person view that they did for a short while was retarded.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: avoid this movie at all costs. There were only two good things in this movie and it was Jessica Simpson’s T&A (but definetly not her acting) and the driving skills of the stuntmen. The “plot” sucked, the acting sucked, etc. Oh, and did I mention the plot sucked? Horrid movie.