Quantum of Solace: My Thoughts

140 characters isn’t enough, so I thought I’d write a very short post on my thoughts (read: ramblings) about it.

Note this post contains spoilers.

The main villain of the movie didn’t seem… evil enough. I mean water? And essentially blackmailing a new president of a crappy country? Comon. If anything, he seemed like the main henchman rather than the movie’s main protagonist. Okay, so I guess he wasn’t really in charge of the bad corporation, but he was the main bad guy in this movie.

And yes, I realize the movie had a lot to do with revenge and such for Vesper‘s death and at the end he does catch up with some of the men behind her death, but I dunno. Too tangential.

Anyway, I’m shit with words, so I’ll sum it up: worth a watch (I enjoyed it), but rather mediocre and nothing terribly special. Kind of a let down after waiting 2 years for. Perhaps the next one in yet another 2 years will be better. Let’s hope so.

One thought on “Quantum of Solace: My Thoughts

  1. I think it was always going to be hard to follow up Casino Royale, but it’s difficult not to be disappointed with QoS. When the DVD comes out I’ll watch them back to back and see if is any better that way – although that may makes things worse!

    The best moments were those that resembled CR more closely and the action scenes, as many commentators have pointed out, just don’t work.

    Let’s hope Bond 23 is better.

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