WordPress v2.0.1 Released

A bug fix version of WordPress has been released. It addresses various bugs in version 2.0, 114 in total. To summarize:

  • You can now specify an upload directory, and whether to use date-based storage or not.
  • Caching has been fixed under certain PHP enviroments.
  • Permalinks have been fixed for weird enviroments as well.
  • XML-RPC uploading works.
  • Compatibility with older versions of PHP.
  • Several WYSIWYG fixes and cleanups.
  • Imports now use much less memory.
  • Now works with MySQL 5.0 in strict mode.

Go upgrade now!

3 thoughts on “WordPress v2.0.1 Released

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site earlier. I have a few of easy questions:

    How do I check what version of WP I’m running?

    I just installed WP yesterday (hosting on BlueHost) — would that mean I’m automatically using the latest version of WP?

    If I upgrade, will I lose anything I’ve done thus far?



  2. Ugh. Now I’m having troubles with the Blogger Import — as usual, I suspect they are troubles of my own making. After getting through all of the various steps, the Import tool began working. I saw posts from the Blogger blog showing up at my WP blog, oldest ones first. All went well for the first 27 or so posts, and then it stalled for about 30 or 40 minutes — no prorgress whatsoever. I thought, “Okay, I’ll start over,” but that seems to have been a big mistake.

    I’ve gone over to my blogger account and restored the old template, but that doesn’t seem to have helped. My Blogger files aren’t lost, but I’m having trouble republishing that blog now.

    Sorry if I’m being a pest.

  3. How do I check what version of WP I’m running?

    Look at the very bottom of your admin area and no, upgrading won’t loose anything, but it’s best to backup just incase. Just use the backup plugin that comes with WordPress 2.x.

    As for the Blogger import, I’ve never used it, so you’re best off asking for help in the WordPress support forums. 😉

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