WordPress v2.0.5 Is Out!

Yep, WordPress v2.0.5 is out. It consists mostly of bug and security fixes as most new features are being held off for the upcoming version of WordPress, v2.1 (which I have a lot of code in BTW! :D).

To see what’s changed, you can check out the tickets that were closed for 2.0.5 or you can check out Mark’s post.

So what are you waiting for? Go upgrade ASAP.

EDIT: If you’re running v2.0.4, Mark has a download of just the changed files to save you time.

3 thoughts on “WordPress v2.0.5 Is Out!

  1. Greetz Viper!
    I’ve been telling people that the two biggest reasons to upgrade as I see it are:
    1. There are, again, major security fixes that are not emphasized in the official release; but old news on the
    2. If you started your blog with version 2.0 or newer, you’re missing a DB index on the post table and that will slow down your site.

    I’ve provided more detail in a top 5 list on my site: http://www.thecodecave.com/article269

    You already know all that stuff but hey, some of your readers might not and with the number of people still not running 2.0.4 we really need people to convince their friends and everyone on their blog rolls to upgrade, it really is important.

    Oh and “Why is it called Ronan?” you ask… Well, you didn’t but I didn’t catch the reference at first, so maybe you didn’t either. It’s named after the very first WordPress Baby: Ryan Boren’s little boy Ronan. Pictures are available here:

  2. BTW that’s Yellowstone in your banner isn’t it? My buddy and I did a cross country motorcycle trip from the east coast to there the year we graduated highschool.

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