Twitter Weekly Updates For 2009-03-30

  • Git seems really cool, but they forget not everyone is in love with command line. I have a mouse and prefer to use it. #
  • Get me a TortoiseSVN-style UI for Git and I’m sold. #
  • That’s odd. PC clock was an hour slow. Thought it was only 4AM. Time for bed I guess. #
  • RT @farkmain: Pilot who stopped to pray during a crash that killed 16 is sentenced to ten years of kneeling in jail: #
  • Alpha/beta test SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 via SVN: (WIP) #
  • Watching Law & Order: UK. The court scenes are quite hilarious due to the usage of wigs. What is this, the 1700’s? Get with the times, UK. #
  • Watching Truth in 24 documentary about Audi’s 2008 race at LeMons. Free on iTunes or via torrents. Epic movie. #
  • Damn. TV schedule said 2 new episodes of COPS tonight, but no torrent releases. Bah! #
  • v2.0.0 of SyntaxHighlighter released! Complete recode from scratch and now completely awesome! #
  • Wishing I had ops on the WordPress IRC channel so I could ban this guy with his broken IRC client (repeatedly joining/quitting). #
  • WordPress’ version numbering drives me nuts. Let’s just remove the first decimal to make it simple. Current version is “27.1”, next is 28.0 #
  • I say this because 3.0 won’t be revolutionary vs. 2.9 apparently, just the next version. I much prefer the Major.Minor.Bugfix format. #
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall was quite good. Also helped that both female leads are smokin’ hot. #
  • Today’s Family Guy was the best in quite a while. F’ing hilarious! #

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